Obama Turns Memorial Day Into 'Vote 4 ME' Day

An ongoing disgrace:

L.A. Times: ‘Transcripters’ Are the New ‘Birthers’

In a Monday article, the Los Angeles Times postulated that “transcripters” will be the new “birthers,” now that the debate over the president’s birthplace has largely been laid to rest. (Has it?)

What exactly are these so-called “transcripters”?  As the word implies, it is seemingly anyone who is suspicious of the fact that the Obama’s transcripts have not been released.–Read More »

Obama behind flooding Israel with illegal African migrants

Al Jizz claims  Israel is denying African immigrants their basic rights... mentions nothing about Arab human rights violations…..

U.S. universities infiltrated with Arab Muselmanic agit props:

The Vetting:

Obama Politicizes Memorial Day:

We have seen this movie before (Breitbart)

Farraklown knows scripture?

Farrakhan Slams Obama’s Gay Marriage Endorsement: ‘He’s the First President That Sanctioned What the Scriptures Forbid’—Read More »

What is this idiot on about?

Farrakhan Laments:

‘Sad That Mexico Lost California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico‘ Through American ’Trickery’; Soon Whites ‘Will Be the Minority’ In the Country They ‘Took’

“we ought to be praising the Mexicans because we living on land that was once theirs”– More »