Obamster Mafia

Who guessed it?

House Democrats Receive Training to Portray Conservatives As Racist

Typical Obummer supporter doesn’t want to be stereotyoped:

Americans will be “f**ked” if Barack Obama gets re-elected ..

Economic Zero Gives Advice

More ‘Stimulus’ for the printing presses!

Thank God for the New Media!

White-bread Squaw:

George Loony for President

No one could be much worse as president than Barack Hussein Obama. But some would be just as bad — for example, the comparably narcissistic Hollyweird glitterpig George Clooney, whose massive fundraising on Obama’s behalf inspired the latest cover of ever tasteful Time Magazine:

Clooney is such a flaming moonbat that his fellow Tinseltown 1%er Rob Reiner — aka Meathead — seems to think he should run for president…. (Moonbattery)