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Exclusive Document Debunks Myth About Obama’s Columbia Years

 “The Vetting” project:

Wright: Obama Was ‘Steeped in Islam’

Much of what the country ought to know about Obama, but does not, is hidden–often in plain sight–yet the mainstream media covers it up or spins it away to protect him.

Example: NY Times Ignored Obama’s Wright, Focuses on Romney’s Mormon Faith

The complicit, foolish lame stream media is reduced to beatifying the president muselputz instead of reporting what he and his administration have done to this country. (Breitbart)

Farrakhan, Wright Share Identical Obama Stories: He Used Us, Disowned Us

Fix this?

It used to be a lot simpler. As E.C. Bentley deftly summarized it in 1905: “Geography is about maps But Biography is about chaps.” But that was then, and now Biography is also about maps. For example, have you ever thought it would be way cooler to have been born in colonial Kenya? Whoa, that sounds like crazy Birther talk; don’t go there! But Breitbart News did, and it turns out that the earliest recorded example of Birtherism is from the president’s own literary agent, way back in 1991, in the official bio of her exciting new author: “Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

Harvard professors?

Me thinks Carl Rove is stupid: