Obummer: "I'm committed to working with American Muslims to insure that they can fulfil zakat"

Some banks in Minnesota didn’t get the message:

Somali Muselmaniacs  (imported by Obama) protest Minnesota banks refusal to transfer money back home to their terrorist relatives

Shouting “Yes, We Can,” hundreds of Somali Muslims marched through downtown Minneapolis on Friday afternoon, stopping traffic and forcing officials to block off several streets and divert traffic.

 Star Tribune (H/T BNI)  The protest, which began around 2:45 p.m. outside the Wells Fargo Center building, was aimed at getting Minnesota banks to resume business with local money transfer shops, which are used by many Somali invaders to send dollars to al-Shabaab-dominated Somalia.  (BNI has more on these Somali Muslim parasites)


5 thoughts on “Obummer: "I'm committed to working with American Muslims to insure that they can fulfil zakat"”

  1. Founder of Islamic charity convicted of funneling money to Chechen jihadists …Rather, Qur’an 9:60 makes no such distinction when discussing groups to whom zakat may be allotted, including those fighting “in the cause of Allah” 140 KB (jihad fi sabil Allah)….

    1/8 of zakat goes to Military actions (7th of 8th category)


  2. Muslim a** kissing on a grand scale. Excuse me, but has anyone seen America? I seem to have lost it. Or maybe, aliens transported me to a somewhat parallel universe while I was sleeping. All I know is that something ain’t right. I mean, why would a president of the UNITED STATES spend ANY of his time on something so irrelevant to the big picture?! Next maybe he’ll want to provide beach towels and some clean dry clothes to Mexicans after they swim the Rio Grande! Good grief. If he gets reelected, I’m going on welfare or moving to some other country.

  3. Somalia is what it is because of Somalis.

    What the hell are these Somalis doing in the USA?

  4. Every nation is a laboratory. Just examine the countries of origin of nonwhite immigrants to extrapolate on the nature of society they will create.

    Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Palestinian territories, Sudan, Eritrea (in fact any Muslim country), Nigeria (any African country), West Indies, you name it.

    Our gifted and all knowing politicians have turned a once peaceful, law abiding country into multicultural Bedlam.

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