Oh boy, that hurts!

May the freedom sack rest lightly on her shoulders!

Secretary of State Clinton on charges that U.S. is biased against Muslims: “That hurts me so much”

“Clinton Deeply ‘Hurt’ By Charges That U.S. is Anti-Muslim,” by Rachel Hirshfeld forIsrael National News, May 6  (full post below the fold!)

Shrillary’s Coercive Follies: What’s her Obsession With Cooking Stoves?

“Clean and efficient cooking solutions”

We reported back in September 2010 that   Shrillary looted taxpayers to buy  $50 million dollars worth on cookstoves for the third world.

To date, the total U.S. commitment to the cookstove project  is $105 million.

China has agreed to join the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, after touring a cookstove exhibit with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Beijing on Thursday.

China will help establish global performance standards for cookstoves and work with domestic manufacturers to meet these standards. It also will launch an international stoves research center to create high-performing domestic stoves for global markets.

It goes without saying that this cooking stove bonanza is making the Chinese manufacturers very happy. Shrillary calls this  ‘eco-partnership’.

Of course the U.S. is not biased against Muslims, who enjoy full civil and legal rights here, as they should — and as they do not enjoy in many Muslim countries. The problem is that Clinton is put on the defensive here, and Islamic supremacist groups like Hamas-linked CAIR put government and law enforcement on the defensive constantly over how they deal with the jihad threat, with the focus always on how Muslims are treated in the U.S. Meanwhile, with the Administration and government in severe denial about the nature of the threat, and unwillingness to examine the motives and goals of the jihadists for fear that such examination will lead them too much into examining Islamic teaching, non-Muslims have the right to ask if Clinton and Obama are biased against them, and about whether or not they care sufficiently about protecting them from jihad terror and Islamic supremacism.

“Clinton Deeply ‘Hurt’ By Charges That U.S. is Anti-Muslim,” by Rachel Hirshfeld forIsrael National News, May 6 (thanks to JW):

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday she was deeply hurt by charges that the United States was biased against Muslims, adamantly defending America’s record in protecting minorities.Clinton, visiting the world’s third largest Muslim-majority country Bangladesh, was asked by a student at a public forum about perceptions that the United States was against Islam, the AFP reported.

“That hurts me so much,” Clinton said. “It’s a painful perception to hear about and I deeply regret that anyone believes that or propagates it.”

Clinton said that the decade of U.S.-led war on terror was “self-defense” after the September 11, 2001 attacks by al-Qaeda, and she said extremists “perverted” the teachings of Islam.

“Is there discrimination or prejudice in the United States, like in every society and country in the world? Unfortunately, yes. Human nature has not changed dramatically,” she asserted.

“There is discrimination against people of different religions, of different races, of different ethnic groups all over the world… but I don’t think that it is at all fair to hold up the United States” over discrimination, she stated.

“I believe that the United States through our laws and through our constant political dialogue has gone probably farther than anywhere else in the world in trying to guarantee legal protections for people. I would like to see more countries do more to protect the rights of minorities,” she continued….

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  1. I am sure it hurts Clinton even more, when her OWG and Saudi overlords threaten to reduce HilBilly’s pay, every time there is someone on the radio, in the media, or on the internet that causes them to get their knickers in a twist and hide behind the victimization ruse and whinge the US is sooo biased, when they can’t shut down or silence their critics.

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