Replacement Theology

Some links:

AFDI/SIOA victory: Kansas Governor signs bill defending freedom from Sharia oppression

 “Governor Signs Bill Blocking Use Of Islamic Law,” from Associated Press, May 25 (JW)

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood candidate promises Islamic law in Egypt

That’s what its all about: Calling himself the only authentic Islamist in the race, Mursi has targeted devout voters whose support helped the Brotherhood and the ultra-orthodox Salafi Islamist movement to secure 70 percent of parliament seats earlier this year.

Nashville: Sensitivity training for all taxi inspectors after one of them says of Muslims that “a lot of them blow up places”

He should have said “its just a few  from a tiny minority of excremists  that  blow up places.” But anyway, it is an indication of how much the freedom of speech is under threat today……


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