Sensitivity Trainers Needed 4 Skopje Muslims, Hiring Now!

For some reason (nothing to do with Islam) these guys got the weird idea that Islam should dominate, and they wan’t  Christians death. Some serious sensitivity training needed here, you ready?

Skopje: Muslims demonstrate, shouting “Allahu akbar,” “jihad” and “death to the Christians”

What? They haven’t heard that the Qur’an preaches tolerance and respect for the People of the Book? Imam Rauf, call your office! “Skopje: Moslem Demo ‘Death to the Christians,'” from PI News, May 18 (thanks to JW):

Back in March, PI reported about the numerous outbreaks of violence between the Muslim-Albanian minority and the non-Muslim-Slavic majority in Macedonia. Currently, the situation appears to be heightening once again after a series of murders of Christians. As Austrian news magazine “Unzensuriert” (“Uncensored”) reports, in the Macedonian capital city of Skopje, slogans like “Allahu akbar,” “Death to Christians,” and “Jihad” were shouted by several thousand Moslems in a demonstration parade after the traditional Friday prayers. The special thing about this is: Skopje is the home of the German “exemplary” imam Bajrambejamin Idriz. His father has preached lifelong as an imam at the Jaja Pascha mosque from which the current aggressive demonstrations start.(By Michael Stürzenberger)

“Unzensuriert” describes executions of Christians, with seeming confidence that they were carried out by Moslems:

On April 12th, the eve of the highest Orthodox holiday, Good Friday, the bodies of five ethnic Macedonians were discovered in a pond in a northeastern suburb of Skopje. The bodies of four men aged around 20 years lay very neatly arranged next to each other and showed evidence of shots in the front and behind – an unavoidable indication of an organized execution. The fifth victim, a man around 45 years, who was an apparent witness of the incident lay a little farther away beside them.

Even though the evidence for the offenses by three arrested Moslems is “earth moving” according to the Macedonian interior ministry, masses of Moslems demonstrated against the arrest of their fellow believers.

The real demand of the demonstrators involves the release of 20 Moslems, mostly from the Albanian national group that were arrested May 2nd this year by the Macedonian police after a three-week search in connection with the murder of five ethnic Macedonians. According to statements by the Macedonian interior ministry, the evidence for a direct participation by three of the detainees, all former Afganistan warriors, is earth moving. Several automatic weapons as well as Jihad propaganda material was secured from among the suspects.

In spite of denials on the side of the authorities and foreign representatives, the Macedonian population immediately recognized the writing of Muslim-Albanian extremists. A deep shock and a deep fear came upon the country’s whole Christian population this Easter weekend, however the ethnic-religious debates began back in 2001 with the murder of an elderly couple living in the single-level around Skopje. In a first, but again, quickly stifled reaction, there arose demonstrations by ethnic Macedonians, a storming of the Albanian townships located north of the Vardar River was prevented by massive police involvement.

It is always the same Islam principle that has been observed in Cologne, Berlin and above all in the burning suburbs of Paris: A Moslem commits a crime, but is covered, however, by the “Umma” because the coherence of the Moslem society is more important than the objective question of guilt. Pelagon – news reports from Macedonia – describes these unfathomable conditions in Skopje:

Around 1500 radical islamists protested today in the Macedonian capital Skopje and demanded the release of five incarcerated islamists who are suspected of having murdered four young men aged 18-20 years and a 45-year-old man on April 12th of this year. On May 2nd of this year, the Macedonian police arrested a total of 20 persons after a three-week manhunt, three of which are accused of having direct involvement in the crime. Two other direct suspects in the crime are fugitives, possibly in bordering Kosovo. The gruesome murder of five fishermen at an inland lake near Skopje shocked not only the Macedonian public but also stirred up interest in the other Balkan countries. The time of the murder also allows for the deduction of an extreme islamistic motive. The murder occurred on Good Friday and thus just before the Orthodox festival of Easter (..)

The demonstrators began their march in front of the Jaja Pascha mosque in Skopje and ended it in front of the Macedonian government building. Such shouts as “Allahu akber,” “Kill the Christians,” and “Jihad” could be heard more and more. The strong police presence saw to it that the demonstrators could commit only minor damage to property.

Notice the imprint on the T-shirt of the devout religious demonstrator: “Islam will dominate the world”:


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