Soccer Jihad

Here we have another example of muslim hypocrisy. When we visit their countries, we are expected to observe their customs. When they come to our countries, we are expected to observe their customs:

DOHA, MARCH 15 – The 2022 World Cup in Qatar could be alcohol-free, with the host country yet to decide whether or not it will allow the sale of alcohol in the arenas where matches are played.  (source)

Money Jihad:

Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein honoured for campaign to overturn FIFA hijab ban

FIFA had prevented women wearing the garment on safety grounds, but Prince Ali successfully convinced the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in a meeting in Bagshot, England, earlier this year to lift the ban, which is awaiting final approval.

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  1. What do you mean by hypocrisy? you should be asking women to wear bikinis at work, or guess what they can go nude, coz in other cultures that’s called liberal and freedom. You are so weak that a scarf annoys you, that a free women who chooses to possess her body and treasure it , makes you so irritated and uncomfortable.

    Why don’t you ask nuns to take off their scarves, get married and have a life, ohh Sorry, those are Christians they don’t belong to the black list of Muslim women. You are so pathetic.

    Why do MEN harass women in workplace? why do many companies put a conservative dress code? why do you choose to wear long sleeves, instead of sleeveless shirts? You must be sooo oppressed to cover up your arms ( LOL). Ohh that shouldn’t count, right?!!
    Why don’t you ask your grandma, your mother, your sister your wife and your daughter to go out naked? How would you feel if somebody raped one of them, harassed one of them, abused one of them?

    Why are you so interested in Islam? why do you keep reading about it? Your brain functions in nothing but promoting hatred. You must be the most unloved person on earth.I guess you get less attention from your loved ones and you are seeking attention from other people through your blog. GET A LIFE!!! you heart is sooo filled with hatred and judgement. I feel soo sorry for you!!
    Ask yourself the above questions and see for yourself who is the real hypocrite
    You have noo right to speak for what other people decide to do with their lives.

  2. @Hiya-“who is the real hypocrite-You have noo right to speak for what other people decide to do with their lives.”

    That would be you darling. Once again a Muslim has forced their way into our lives, we have not sough YOU out YOU have sought us out. If you are uncomfortable with the ugly truth that is Islam, then piss off and live in denial, if that is how YOU “decide to do with your lives.”

    Furthermore, your comparison to walking around the work place nude and rape is a preposterous as your peasant ridden ignorance. Guess what? In Europe (the West) civilized people can swim, bath and even work in the office nude (UK) together as different genders without a rapist assault occurring. Western men can control themselves, unlike the typical rapist pig of a man that you find in the M.E. and that sadly, now infest Europe. Those of us who live in a civilized society can interact with a different gender without automatically thinking this is my chance to commit an act of violence upon them and as far beyond your understanding as this is, actually just talk or work with each other without the moment turning into a bacchanalian orgy or savage rape that YOU are used to.

    This site is beyond your intellectual capacity and what your understanding of what really occurs in the wider world. Why don’t you do what you do best and find a nice goat, chicken or cat and do what you do best….

  3. You keep contradicting yourself in every word you say.We Muslims do not force our way into your lives. You built this blog and spent time writing about Muslims and spreading ignorant generalizations, What do you call that? If being NUDE does not annoy you why being COVERED would? Instead of answering my questions you are stumbling like an animal with a cut off head.

    ” Western men can control themselves, unlike the typical rapist pig of a man that you find in the M.E” You are so arrogant to admit the statistics of rape in the West, and those numbers that are never reported, in addition to all those serial killing, gun shooting and more…….. There is no country that is safe from such crimes. You obviously live in an ivory tower Sir. If you were sane enough , you could have brought some reason to your blog, NOT look at YOURSELF as Mr Perfect. Thank God there are good westerns out there ( Not including YOU) Who think and reason and do not GENERALIZE because of corrupted media and people like YOU.

    Every word I write in addressing YOU, and only YOU. Everyone is responsible for his own deeds, and YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN ignorance. GOOD LUCK WITH SPREADING HATRED & FEAR. You are no different than a terrorist who belongs to NO NATION OR RELIGION.

    I have wasted enough time on responding to your B…S…. Mr. Knowing it all. and GET A LIFE instead of making others have pity on you cause Muslims ( those you built an image of) hunt you in you dreams. LOL

  4. @Hiya

    Not that I expected a witty rejoinder let alone a reply that was coherent.

    YOU sought us out. I or this site did not intrude upon your life YOU came here. Clearly you wanted something or a.) you would not have posted here and b.) you would not have come back here with a hard on drooling for a reply. Not once, but YOU posted three times.

    Why should we in the West be afraid to speak the truth about crime? We do not pretend that wickedness does not occur in the world. We own up to crime and we distribute punishment without letting third corruption weaken our justice system. Although in the last 15 years we have had left wing bleeding hearts who have weakened and subverted our once brilliant justice system. Western justice still beats the so called jurisprudence that can be bought and paid for in third world shit holes found in the ME, Africa, Asia, and S.A. Crimes against Western woman our a fact, supported by crime statistics that YOU can obtain and numerous stories in Western media, despite their efforts to play down the ME/Asian ties.

    This woman has lived around the world and knows from first hand experience how ME losers in Europe are savages and behave like savages when they see a Western woman living confidently in contemporary dress, unencumbered by medieval clothing, I and my Western sister expect to go about our business not being accosted by cavemen peasants from the ME. in a post modern world.

    My reply was very specific and supported by actual data and events. I don’t normally deal with stupid and therefore would not lower myself to answer every single ignorant and peasant logic you stated out of desperation to appear intelligent. The succinct and apt reply I gave to you was because your peasant logic amuses me. YOU amuse me.

    Your reply was to state, “If being NUDE does not annoy you why being COVERED would?”
    Think….What events occur in Nature that would require people to wear cloths….?

    You can hold to the delusions of Islam, it makes no difference to me. You found only examples of the true nature of Islam reflected in their own deeds, actions and words on this site. A site which you falsely attribute to me. As good as it is, this is not my site, I am only a guest here, like you. I spread neither hate nor lies. I do not have to, the ugliness of the truth is there for all to see. Over and over, again and again Muslims and those who practice Islam reveal their wickedness, their hate, their taste for violence and their backwardness, i.e. camel urine for medicine, female mutilation, attacking little girls with acid for wanting to be able to read, etc., etc.. The fact that YOU do not like it and it shames you (as it should) to your Muslim core has nothing to with me but reflects your own feelings of inferiority and the uncomfortable level of self-awareness at how backwards, violent, amoral, corrupt and corpulent ME society is.

    Your constant reference to my Perfection and by in large Western perfection is only a a mirror at your own feelings of inadequacy. You are right, I shall keep sharing my knowledge at the violent experience I have had by having the misfortune of having losers from the ME intrude upon my life in the West.

    It is Ms. Know-it-All to YOU, by the way. And you are starting to bore me and you will reply again with another sad, childish attempt at a desperate rebuttal. Because you will sit their waiting for a reply.

    If I ever seek to be amused in the future…I know Hiya there is always YOU… who has the compulsive need to be shamed by the truth of Islam by a Western woman.

  5. “We Muslims do not force our way into your lives.”

    ROFLLMFAO.. You lost any bit of credibility with that call. Halal anyone or should I say EVERYONE lol!

  6. Hiya,
    You are just a stupid muslim – nothing more. The objection was on health and safety issues. The fact that you stupid muslim cows deliberately draw a barrier between you and others when you dress like an arabian bed was not raised as an issue. Similarly, some stupid muslimas tried your tone when told they couldn’t ride motorized go-carts with their idiotic head gear on – for safety reasons. Being stupid dumb muslimas they agitated and agitated, thretened to sue , with their incredibly stupid and repugnant male cohorts also doing what the islamic male does best – thuggery. until the owner relented. At the end of the day one of the stupid muslimas had either strangled herself or broken her neck (her “flowing gown” had wrappen around a wheel and then around her neck – which was precisely why the owner had said “no” in the first case) and the thuggish muslim community then proceeded to sue the owner despite the fact that they were directly responsible for the stupid muslimas demise. Your stupidity knows no bounds – and I fail to see why the rest of us need to suffer because you scum are so bloody incompetent! Now sarc off to hell.

    BTRW muslim troll – muslims were responsible for allmost all of the violent sexual assualts in Scandinavia last year, this year and in 2010.
    The facts speak volumes for the violence of muslims and muslims are so thick-witted that they believe their own denials despite the blood dripping from their hands.

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