Solving the Arab-Israeli conflict would rid Australia of ‘violent extremism’

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Disheartening that we have such clueless dolts in positions of power.

Solving the Arab-Israeli conflict would rid Australia of ‘violent extremism’

Mullah suggests  sending the “violent extremists” packing might be more sensible.

Solving the Arab-Israeli conflict would eliminate the “violent extremism problem” in Australia, a top official said on Thursday in response to reports that some of Melbourne’s suburbs had been identified as potential terrorist hot spots.

“Things happening in their countries of birth obviously have an impact on them here,” Attorney-General’s Department senior official Jamie Lowe told a federal multicultural inquiry, the Herald Sun reported. —More tongue-in-cheek comments at Al Arabiya News

Who will rid Australia of dimbulbs like this?

Jamie Lowes cluelessness attracts large numbers of cultural enrichers who are “impacted by things happening in their countries of birth:”

Here they come again

This looks more like illegal immigration - a phrase the Press Council warns against using – than the last resort of desperate refugees:

ASYLUM seekers rejected after arriving by boat a decade ago are boarding vessels and coming back to Australia in the latest surge  of arrivals.  (Andrew Bolt)

One man even made his second dangerous sea journey with his 11-year-old son, while two changed their names for their second voyage in a bid to dupe immigration officials. 

Despite the majority having had asylum claims rejected twice, most are asking for multiple appeals and several have taken their cases unsuccessfully to the High Court. Immigration reports tabled in parliament by the ombudsman show 11 cases where asylum seekers have come by boat twice and had their cases reviewed because of the length of time spent in detention.

The cost?


There is just no stopping them, now:

Authorities have picked up another boatload of suspected asylum seekers inside Australian waters…. It’s believed there were 68 people on board the boat, which was initially detected by a customs surveillance aircraft.

2 thoughts on “Solving the Arab-Israeli conflict would rid Australia of ‘violent extremism’”

  1. Stopping our supply of Muslims at the border would rid Australia of “violent extremism”. Surely Australians must now be connecting the dots –

  2. We have connected the dots long ago, but the problem is that the powers in control here don’t want to know about it.

    The more mussies the current government allows to come here as potential Labor voters, the more they want. They’re just too stupid to realise that this will eventually bite them severely on the arse.

    When that all happens, we will lose our country, just as the Europeans are losing their countries. And just as so many countries throughout the world have already lost their countries & national identity to the cancer that is islam

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