Stereotyping or IslaMonologue?

Australian Muslims Reject Stereotyping

Why should we give a rats ass about what Muslims reject?

 All Muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics. A dog is not the same animal as a cat just because both species are comprised of different breeds. An extreme Christian believes that the Garden of Eden really existed; an extreme Muslim flies planes into buildings – there’s a big difference.

Thu May 24, 2012

Dr Arvanitakis highlights that the media tend to thrive on controversial statements made by Islamic Leaders which aren’t representative of all Muslims, thus fanning the flames of Islamopobia.

More stereotypes, with stereotypical video, at Press TVThanks to Mullah
In other news:
Failing to educate our own about Islam but paying billions in jiziya to indoctrinate muslim children with hatred against the kafir in Indonesia:
WTF is wrong with those who have a duty to protect us?
“Australia is working with Indonesia to ensure more children can access education, strengthen the management skills of principals and improve the quality of education in moderate Islamic schools, known as madrasah.”

2 thoughts on “Stereotyping or IslaMonologue?”

  1. “Australia is working with Indonesia to ensure more children can access education.”

    How and why, what happens in Indonesia, Australia’s problem?
    Who decided in the Australia government that it was?

    Just another means to redistribute wealth.

    1. Overall yes, its part of the Agenda 21, on which I’ll be posting shortly.

      But this is simply jiziya, we are paying them to keep the peace, just like the EUro-dhimmies pay to all ME regimes, just like America pays billions to Egypt and Pakistan to keep the peace.

      Jiziya: paying the bully to not attack while the jihad continues in many other ways.

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