Obama in bed with our enemies

Don’t you get it?

Its not only about spiking the football that (Obama hopes) will win his reelection: at the same time he seeks to destroy those who do their jobs to keep us safe by taking out Islamic terrorists.

There was the ginned up attack on the CIA over enhanced interrogation that was turned into water boarding hysteria that scared agents out of their wits, made us the laughing stock of our enemies and made it virtually impossible to get anymore useful information from detainees.

There was the double agent in Yemen.  Before that there was the case of the  Obama Administration Burning CIA Spies in Iran:

Now Obama punishes Shakil Afridi for Helping US  Find Osama bin Laden by leaving him rot in a Paki prison.

Who is Shakil Afridi?

He is the Pakistani doctor who led U.S. to Bin Laden’s hideout who has just been jailed for 33 YEARS for treason ‘as punishment for humiliating his country’ Daily Mail

  • Dr Shakil Afridi led Navy SEALS to bin Laden by setting up fake vaccination programme that allowed him to take DNA samples from terrorist’s children

Obama is leaking the names of top secret operatives in the OBL capture and kill to Hollywood morons so that these tools can make Obama the hero of an OBL movie.

No kidding, he gave Hollywood filmmakers the names of  the team that killed bin Laden, so the assassins of Islam can go after them.

And you’re still wondering which side he’s on?

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Obama is the Proteus of the Left. He was chosen by the powermongers that be for his high deception potential and talent as a shapeshifter. They saw in Obama someone who could leverage white guilt, project a lie, and smile sociopathically while doing it.

Obama is a classic example of Progressive Social Darwinism. Instead of survival of the fittest, or strongest, they prefer survival of the most devious or deceptive. Capacity for deception is how the Left defines strength, and Obama lies with infinite facility, hence his rise as the Liar-In-Chief.

Obama wasn’t strong enough in his deceptive capacity to get elected without a lot of help, however. He had the mutant Marxist media protecting him with a toxic coat of slime. They refused to investigate his past, prevented dissemination of what others did discover, and slimed his most effective opponents. This protective slime coat is the Left’s complimentary tactic to incessant lying.

Progressive Collective Social Darwinism…strength in lying and suppression of the truth. Obama is the perfect fraudulent composite identity to facilitate their pernicious political strategy.

He is Muslim, he is Christian, he is a capitalist, he is a socialist, he is black, he is white, he was a poor student whose grandmother gave up a dress she wanted so he could have a better future (must have been one hell of a dress!), he is the owner of a million + dollar house, he is a Constitutional Professor, he is an average collegiate who smoked dope and did cocaine, he is a foreigner, he is American born, he is “EVERYMAN” …. It doesn’t really matter WHAT he calls himself. The fact is he has done everything that an Anti-American, Islamic, Socialist Operative would do as an enemy of America. November can’t come soon enough.

Many of his friends in Wright’s Church’s Choir were homosexual. Four of them died when he started his run for the Presidency, 3 by bullets in the back of the head, Chicago Mod Style. Larry Sinclair made a “Tell All” video on You Tube to try to save himself from the same fate. Anyone that wants to hear about Larry’s gay sex and doing cocaine and Crack with Obama should watch that video. The other guys that were murdered are Nathan Spence, Donald Young, Lt. Charles Quarrels and Larry Bland. Obama knew all of them, but was never questioned in the murders.