The reason why no Muselmaniac should ever hold a position of authority in an infidel nation state

They say they examined him when he applied for the force and found that he had no “fundamentalist beliefs.” Of course, given the likelihood that those examining him had their heads filled with politically correct nonsense about how Islam is a Religion of Peace, it is no wonder they let him through. “Cop suspended for radical Islamist beliefs,” from The Local, May 9 (thanks to JW):

Western German police chiefs have suspended an officer after they discovered he belonged to a branch of Salafist Muslim fundamentalists, and had been distributing radical religious material, it was reported on Tuesday.“Disciplinary action is underway, with the aim to dismiss the man from the police force,” North Rhine-Westphalia’s Interior Minister Ralf Jäger confirmed on Tuesday. It is the first time a policeman has been suspended for radical beliefs in Germany.

The head of the Essen police force told the Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper that the suspended officer does not believe in the German constitution, which is required of police officers – rather he holds Islamic law to be paramount. When questioned by state security if he lived under Islamic law, he said only that “what he believed privately was his business.”

British Muslims policemen refuse to protect the Israeli embassy or any Jews

He has also admitted to having contact with radical Salafists who promote violence towards non-believers.

It also emerged that the 31-year-old, identified only as Ali K., had worked with the police intelligence service, spending six months in 2009 with a mobile observation team who were instructed to keep an eye on extremist activity.

Background checks showed that he was a Muslim but had no fundamentalist beliefs at that time.

They wouldn’t know “fundamentalist beliefs” if they detonated a suicide belt right in front of them.

People working with Ali K. in the intelligence service told the WAZ that he did not show “team spirit,” he was often late to work and that “his personality did not fit with the job profile.” It has not been made clear who he was assigned to observe.Originally from the nearby city of Duisburg, Ali K. caught the attention of state security earlier in 2012 when he set up an information stand with other Salafists in Essen, and handed out Islamic material to passers-by.

Among the material being given out were videos featuring speeches from prominent Salafist Bilal Philips, who believes that homosexuals should be killed.

Salafists have been making headlines in Germany recently following violent clashes provoked by a far-right political party in North Rhine-Westphalia, in which 29 police officers were injured.

Salafists have also been behind a nationwide push to distribute millions of free Korans to the public.

On Wednesday morning German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said the Salafists were in close ideological proximity to al-Qaida terrorists. Speaking on ARD television, he said, “We will not allow Salafists who are prepared to be violent to disturb the peace in this country.

“We will of course check all possibilities of banning associations in which they are organised.”

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  1. Re: Muslim Police in Britain are Murderously Corrupt.

    That is because where ever Muslims go, instead, of raising themselves up into the 21st. century by mimicking the civility and jurisprudence of the indigenous population they have elected to live in. They cling to their low trust, tribal hierarchical systems based on kinship (in this case cultural), bribery and kickbacks. Like the savage peasants they are, they infest everything with disregard for the law and bring corruption, intimidation and violence with them.

    Additionally, this corruption has not only infested the police, it is in every single field where Asians/Muslims have grown in major numbers, including local councils, post office, etc. in the UK. The article not only supports this fact, but in the late 90’s & 20’s, under Labour the UK cultural systems was obsessed with wanting to appear inclusive and wanted to capture in audio archives the immigrants experience in the UK. They targeted the Indian and Pakistani communities specifically, although most of the archives are about their personal experience on why they left South East Asia, the real revelations are the audio’s and transcripts where the Asians, in their own voice/words admit that many of their co- patriots deliberately pushed out and bullied the indigenous English out of jobs and increased the hiring of their own countrymen.

    Therefore, you can walk into any archive in the UK and ask to look at Oral history archives on immigrants and confirm for it yourself. My experience working with the archives (for a job) and seeing/listening to the hostility in their own words, took away the rose colored glasses that I once viewed of the ‘other’. Lesson; Just because you are open and accepting of people from different cultures, race, etc., it does not mean they are open and accepting of ‘you’ and your culture.

    I think we have seen this truth everyday, since September 11 2001, when the gloves came off and any form of subterfuge was abandon.

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