Today's Misunderstanding of Islam

Ghana: I Believe In Inner Struggle

“Inner struggle” means ‘doing good’ and  devout Muslims  believe in the Islamic principle of Jihad….”

I believe in Jihad   —Deputy Minister of Tourism Mohammed Baba Jamal has reiterated his firm belief and conviction in the Islamic principle of Jihad.

In Egypt a tiny minority of excremists are waging Jihad to Cleanse the Country’ of Free Speech, nothing to do with Islam,  as always…..

Blowing up livestock is un-Islamic:

Jihad du Jour: 50 Massacred at Nigerian Market… (TROP)

Up to 50 people were killed in a livestock market in north-east Nigeria after traders set fire to a suspected member of Boko Haram, triggering reprisal attacks amid a surge in violence from the radical Islamist sect. More carnage @ theguardian

Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood:

Russian Jihad Lawyer who threatened to turn Moscow into “a red sea”  if sharia was not implemented claims he was quoted out of context


Muslim nuclear physicist gets five years of prison dawah for jihad terror plot

There is nothing in the Koran about nuclear terror, so how could this guy get his Islam so wrong?

This man was trusted and respected, and given a position of high responsibility. He could have done incalculable damage. But that possibility never entered anyone’s mind, because after all, he was a “moderate”! “France jails Cern physicist Adlene Hicheur for terror plot,” from the BBC, May

The Myth that Terrorism is the “Weapon of the Weak” (RI)

Raymond Ibrahim uses an obvious example to point out that rage and violence in the name of Islam really is about Islam. (via TROP)

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