Australia: Sharia Law Courses For Kids Booked Out!

Thanks to Geoff:

Sharia law courses for boys and girls at Daar Aisha college.
  • Yes, separate courses for boys and girls.
  • Yes, learn the proper way to cut off hands and feet and beat your wife.
  • Learn how women are the property of a man and are worth only half a man.
  • Learn how to hate the kafir and the proper way to slit a throat.
Note, the course is full.
Available at both Lakemba and Auburn.
Q. Does the government fund these colleges?
Q. Is Nicola Roxon going to act given she has stated there is no place for Sharia law?

8 thoughts on “Australia: Sharia Law Courses For Kids Booked Out!”

  1. This is simply more evidence that muslim do NOT integrate into any non-muslim society.

  2. Ha- Australia is doomed if we keep ignoring stealth jihad. Our shitscared, gutless politicians know it and are giving in in advance. Wake up and fight before it’s too late. Every night we have pro Islam propaganda on the ABC- object now!

  3. OK, I love Australia and Aussies and all (Kim Johnson from Dancing with the Stars comes to mind) . . . but if their government tolerates any infiltration of Islamic radicals, allow shari’a law, etc. you can kiss your country goodbye. Europe and the USA are facing similar things. Wake up, people . . .

  4. Folks – you have to become involved in your government – lobby against these islamic cretins and make the polies understand that their jobs are on the line.

  5. kaw…which politicians care? I spoke to Tony bAbbott last week and he brushed me off with a comment to the effect that if we are nice to the Muslims, all will be fine. They all want the votes of the few Muslims in Australia and even more, the numerous dhimmies who would die for their new buddies. It can get pretty exasperating as we wait for the UK effect to hit us.

  6. The major problem with our Political heroes in office today is that they have no guts. The only ONE solitary person that comes to mind is Senator Cory Bernardi, he has no problems in calling a spade a spade, but the thing is people like him are covered in the background.

    We desperately need a ‘Geert Wilders’ figure here in Australia before it’s too late.

  7. JENNIFER, a bit tough to object to the pro islam garbage coming from the ABC when our PM Juliar Gutless is getting “how to love islam ” books printed for all Australian schools, using our tax dollars and the government printing press! still waiting for the pro Hindu, pro Buddhist, pro Christian books to be churned out and distributed to the Education Department..Oh , but I digress, its only whining always offended islam that gets priority over all other belief systems, now why is that? why does OUR government spend OUR tax dollars promoting ANY religion? lets ask Juliar that simple question, and don’t let her say being anti islam is RACIST, as islam is NOT a race! but a political ideology. aka SHARIA LAW!!

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