U.S.: Blacks Threaten Race War, Police Arrests Whites

Blacks threaten angry whites:

Whites Will Be ‘Very, Very, Very Angry’

New Black Panther Leader Shabbaz: Whites Will Be ‘Very, Very, Very Angry’ in November…Will Cling to ‘Their God and Their Guns’ — ‘We Might Have To, Too’

Central Florida:

10 white supremacists who have allegedly been stockpiling weapons in preparation for a “coming race war” were recently rounded up by authorities.

The two groups have more  in common than they realize. But it stinks to high heaven that the Obamster regime arrests white supremacists and lets blacks off the hook.


“Racist” who was exploiting  “white privilege”  is married to a black man

This is a perfect example of the left’s totalitarianism and thought control.

All that for rightly calling out Black Studies as “left-wing victimization claptrap.”

Once again progressives have proved that the attack of “racism” is utterly without content and significance. Schaefer Riley is by definition not racist. No woman espousing a racist, Jim Crow ideology of white supremacy would marry a black man.

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