US Media Delegation Polishing Al Waleed's Doorknobs in Sowdi Barbaria

You guessed it:

its all about  “Misconceptions rectifying” & “Myth Dispelling”

Prince Alwaleed Receives US Media Dhimmigation

 Thanks to the always alert  Mullah Lodabullah:

During the meeting, Prince Alwaleed and the delegation discussed business, social and economic issues, and the current status of the global economy. Moreover, topics dealing with reform and ways of rectifying some of the misconceptions about Arabs and Muslims in the Western media were also discussed, in addition to Prince Alwaleed’s investments in the US in light of his being one of the largest foreign investors there.   More misconceptions-rectification at Zawya

Give generously, because Walli won’t:

40% Of Yemen’s Population Starving Why Is Arab World Not Helping Them?

-they are waiting for western countries to step in so they can blame us later….
Curiously, the filthy rich prince is not so interested helping his Musel-bro’s in Yemen, who seem to have problems he never  had due to a geographical accident:

“Islam against radicalism”

Sounds like pedo’s against child-abuse, or putting the fire out with gasoline:

Muhammad Rahimov, the chairman of the Russian Association of Islamic Consent

Today we have gathered in this hall to emphasize that Islam is not terrorism. Islam has nothing in common with violence. Today in various countries, in the Arab world, awful wars are taking place, in Syria, Libya, and many people present their struggle as if in favor of Islam. But they forget that Islam is a religion of peace and construction, not a religion of murder. Allah says in the sacred Koran that the murder of one innocent person is equal to the murder of the whole of humanity.

Religion of  snakeless snakebites  at Vestnik Kavkaza