Australia: Labor advertises benefits for Muselmanic invaders

What’s to stop them now?

A BOAT carrying 37 passengers has been intercepted off Western Australia’s coast.  The daily boat

Labor is hellbent to replace the natives with a mohammedan proletariat.

New Asylum seeker boats arrive at Christmas Island yesterday. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Labor ‘advertising for asylum seekers’

THE federal government has been accused of advertising for asylum seeker arrivals after telling new boat arrivals what they can expect on arrival in Australia on the Immigration Department website.

At a website tweeted last night by Immigration Department media boss Sandi Logan, irregular maritime arrivals are also given fact sheets on what documents they need to provide and government services provided to help with their claim for protection visas.

The website, dubbed a “how-to guide” by the opposition, includes a flow chart of the arrival process showing how they are screened, lodge claims, undergo primary assessments and are subject to client decisions before undergoing health checks and visa referrals if successful or deportation if not.

“This website contains general information for you if you arrived in Australia by boat without a visa,” the website says.

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“Australia provides protection to refugees and people at risk of significant harm. Not everyone is entitled to Australia’s protection, even if you come from a country where there is violence or a lack of security.

“The process for assessment and the decisions you will be asked to make are explained in this website.

“If you do not understand this information or wish to clarify how it is relevant to you, please speak to your migration agent or relevant departmental officer.

“You can follow the protection assessment process map or click the topics on the far left of the screen.”

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison told 2GB this morning that the website legitimised something that should be “condemned and discouraged”.

“I was gobsmacked when I saw it,” Mr Morrison said.

“The only thing missing from this website is a hotline to the people smugglers that they can call and an introductory video from Captain Emad.

“This is literally something that can be bolted on to a travel brochure from people smugglers. This is going out all around the world – a how-to guide of what to do when you get here on a boat.”

An Immigration Department spokesman today defended the pages, saying the information had been available on the website for more than a year but had been brought together as a single resource in recent days to make it easier to read.

The spokesman said it was a proactive and cost-effective way of handling arrivals similar to how the government informed overseas students whose visas are about to expire.

“It’s part of an approach that this department has had for decades for preparing clients for the possibility their visa application may or may not succeed,” the spokesman said.

“All that is different is we have made what is pre-existing more accessible to people use.”

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said the information was important “to counter the false promises people smugglers are peddling to get asylum seekers on boats”.

“Scott Morrison would rather asylum seekers get the ‘myths’ from people smugglers; these are simply the facts,” the spokesman said.

“Here is a simple message for Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott: if you really want to prevent boat arrivals, vote for offshore processing instead of blocking it.”


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9 thoughts on “Australia: Labor advertises benefits for Muselmanic invaders”

  1. This is exactly how the Labour Government in England managed to change the culture in the U.K. (with devastating effect ).
    In Australia we have gone from celebrating “unity” to celebrating “diversity” all in the name of “multiculturalism”.
    Why would anyone in Australia be stupid enough to believe that “multiculturalism” will work here yet it has failed every other country that has introduced it.

  2. No, it is not a coincidence. People have to aggressively challenge Labor on these issues.

  3. Just a minute: these people are not “proletariats”. We’ve gone way beyond that, baby…

  4. I remember when mass immigration and asylum seeking became mainstream in the 1990s in Germany, Belgium France etc. Then it became mainstream in the UK in 2000. Now its Australia’s turn. Who is making these decisions? What can we do to stop it? Breivik had an idea but then thats unAustralian.

    I might get into people smuggling. We have to balance the import of koranimals with christians. I think alot of mexicans would like to flee their disorder. I could import them. bien vindo amigos!

  5. I suspect they are the social workers from the reception committee who will see to it that the invaders get their free phone calls, their ‘rights’ , their free ciggies and condoms and their 10.000$ welcome package.

    Don’t you know that Jooliar’s gubmint employs a whole army of serfs with starting salaries of $ 90k to fluff the pillows for the invading soldiers of allah?

  6. labor in Australia is acting like the Labour party in the UK – disgraceful, lying, deceitful low lifes hell bent on destroying society for their own gains.

  7. Yes infidel, the ALP is doing its best to destroy Australia. And only Australia can put an end to it at the polls.

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