Madonna leaves a slimy trail on the way to Islam

Dunno ’bout you, but  I was never a fan.
Her  appeal was  lost on me.  Her claim to  fame puzzled me. That Mickey Mouse voice did the rest.  Her sexual exploits never warmed my toes. Exposing  her ass  on stage or deliberately popping out one of her tired nipples in Istanbul is just dumb, and we all know that she  desecrates Christian symbols only because she can. Her Kabbala promo is just a fad, and  the fact that she keeps a Muselmanic toy boy half her age for sexual services  only impresses post menopausal  Hollyweirdo’s like Hanoi Jane.
However: as distasteful as it may be, here we have an ageing pop tart who broke the  imaginary glass ceiling;   she is  independently wealthy,  she is the prototype of  the   (at least sexually) liberated woman, you could say she has it all.
Fascinating, is it not, that she throws all that away to engage with a young muselmaniac who divides the world up in halal and haram. Stay tuned, we haven’t seen the end of this yet. I predict she will convert to Islam within a year.
Suck on this?
Madonna and the death of the Westby: Jeffrey T. Kuhner thanks to Mullah

Islam, however, is a different story. If Madonna really wants to be an avatar of sexual liberation — and demonstrate “no fear” — let her paint a Muslim crescent on her back as she shows her 53-year-old behind. Or better yet, instead of hanging from a crucifix, she can display a tattooed image of the Prophet Muhammad.

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7 thoughts on “Madonna leaves a slimy trail on the way to Islam”

  1. She is preparing to wear the burka – the full catastrophe – but in her case, like in so many that wear the muslim sack cloths, it’s perhaps a blessing in disguise – so at least we dont have to look at her any more.

    But, really, what is it with post-menopausal women joining this aberration that is Islam? Are they hoping that they will get laid once more? Dont they know that those dickheads that wanna emulate their prophet, like their squeezettes much much much younger?

    Oh and I agree fully with you, Sheik, about the attractiveness of Madonna and her “art”.

  2. If you’ve got – flaunt it. If you ain’t got it- put it away- it’s embarrassing.

    The woman is certifiable- who wants to see her tired old tits and saggy arse?

  3. Kind of like these church burning death metal bands. None of them have got the balls to start on about islam as it colonizes their countries.

  4. This article and comments are pointless. Just posted to let you know my thoughts.. If you think this is pointless , that proves my point. Just one thing, I have nothing but admiration for Madonna, she’s an inspiration . Why? Well if I stopped to explain, you wouldn’t get it anyway otherwise you wouldn’t be posting ageist, bigotted, sexist comments like these.

  5. If you make a pointless point it proves exactly nothing, Darolo.

    So you are ‘inspired’ by Madonna but you won’t stop to explain what she inspires in you.

    Allow me to suggest then, that you’re projecting. You are accusing me of exactly what Madonna and her fans (like you) are: bigoted, sexist, shallow tarts.

    I’ll prove it to you:

    Sexist & bigoted:

    She is not only a bigot but also a coward because she would never depict Muhammad like she defecates on Christianity.

    She smears Marine LePen as a Nazi, which is exactly what Madonna is and for which she is being sued.

  6. I agree with SheikYermami – Madonna is a moral coward who has neither the courage nor morality to question what her idiot muzz boy toy tells her to do.

  7. That’s what I don’t understand about her. She is part French why would she call Marine LePen a Nazi? Must be the influence of her new muselmaniac lol

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