Australia's Caring & Compassionate Killers

WHEN CARING KILLSTim Blair –  June 25, 2012

No person on a boat is using Australia as their first country of safety after leaving their own, so they don’t qualify under the UN ruling. In fact it’s now clear that many on the boat that sank are from Pakistan, a country with stable government, therefore no asylum seeker status at all, but here they are!

The heartlessness of conservatives is an accepted fact among your more caring Australians. This is especially the case when it comes to asylum seekers. Being hateful ghouls, conservatives naturally favour tough border protection.

Enlightened commentators also frequently detect racism in conservative attitudes towards the asylum seeker issue. Former Prime Minister Paul Keating’s Mahler-tuned ears are not alone in picking up in asylum seeker debates what he describes as “racial undertones”.

Well, let’s assume for the sake of argument that Keating and various others are correct; that conservatives who are opposed to or worried by the current influx of asylum seekers are motivated by racism and hatred.
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The Greens’ “solution”?

Give up completely:   THE Greens want Australia to almost double its humanitarian refugee intake.

There is nothing humane or compassionate about enticing people to risk a horrific death. 

Suddenly, Labor remembers that there is an opposition: