“Definitely NOT,” says student’s mother about forcing kids to learn Turkish

It’s bad enough that Austria plans ‘integration’ camps for Austrians to learn how to assimilate with Muslim  immigrants in Austria. (see link below). But now they are forcing school children to learn Turkish in the classroom to “help integration.” That’s why, one incensed Austrian mother sent the Turkish vocabulary sheet (photo below) back to the teacher with the words “SICHER NICHT” [DEFINITELY NOT]   written on it. (BNI)


Black Holes, Globull Worming & Racism: Its All Connected!

Ordinary Americans told they are too dumb to understand anything beyond fifth graders:

But ‘Gay Marriage’ is All About ‘Equality’, Right?

Study: Children From Same-Sex Homes Have Lower Income, Poorer Mental & Physical Health

“…non-biological parents tend to pose risks for children as they age into adulthood.”

Authorities Admit Raising Kids in Homosexual “Marriages” May Not Be Healthy

What do you know — despite the enthusiastic support of the liberal establishment, having pairs of perverts play parent may not be all that beneficial for the children involved. Lies supporting this crime against nature are crumbling, as the journal Social Science Researchadmits in a review and a new study.

Its not only Germany trying to get rid of itself:

Moonbat Principal Forbids “God Bless the USA”

The National Anthem isn’t the only patriotic song that rubs moonbats the wrong way — they also have it in for “God Bless the USA”

There is a Moonbat solution to the Islamic dress code cult:

Unfortunately  for us all they’re not planning to do this in Iran anytime soon…..

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  1. Re: “Ordinary Americans told they are too dumb to understand anything beyond fifth graders”

    What an elitist bitch.

  2. She has not made this decision without support – find the support and destroy it.

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