'Disadvantaged Arab Minority' Learns How to 'Build a Wall of Resistance' Against FBI


On the one hand the Feds are considering giving Arab Americans special rights, and on the other hand the   “Disadvantaged Arab Minority” Learns How to ‘Build a Wall of Resistance’ Against the  FBI

Its like one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.

So once again we see  Hamas front CAIR  helping Muslims learn how to impede counterterror efforts. If the mainstream media narrative were correct, that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and loyal citizens, we should expect to see frequent seminars from Muslim groups exhorting Muslims to cooperate with counterterror investigations. Yet we don’t see any, and no one ever seems to notice or care.

“CAIR-MI Holds ‘Know Your Rights’ Presentation,” from Hamas-linked CAIR-MI, May 29 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

(SOUTHFIELD, MI, 5/29/12) – The Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) recently held a “Know Your Rights” presentation at the Islamic Center of Detroit in Detroit, Mich.

The presentation primarily focused on the rights of citizens and legal residents within American borders to have an attorney present while being questioned by local, state and federal law enforcement.

The session also focused on citizens and legal residents’ right to refuse answering invasive questioning by federal law enforcement agents pertaining to religious beliefs and practices.

CAIR-MI recently filed a federal lawsuit against Custom Border Protection (CBP), FBI and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for invasive religious questioning of Michigan Muslims….

A comment from Wellington:

CAIR is an enemy of America. By now, everyone knows this or should know it.

If CAIR got its way all around, then America as it has existed would cease to exist and Sharia would be the law of the land and the Constitution would be nothing but a relic of history. To the extent that anyone disputes what I have just written, they are either demonstrating their ignorance or their mendacity.

Particularly disgusting about Islam in the West is how it uses Western freedom with a design to eventually destroying that freedom. A greater parasite than Islam would be hard to find. Just one more reason to say down with Islam!

One more thing:

Being tolerant of Islam is not indicative of an enlightened mind. Not in the least. Rather, being tolerant of Islam is evidence of complicity with evil.