Flashback: the mad rants of Tariq Suwaidan


Tariq Suwaidan  left a lasting impression in Denmark, when he berated the Danes over the Motoons for which the muslim ummah still sends us  their  wannabe assassins and occasional suicide bombers . The ‘Jyllands Posten’, the paper that printed the Motoons, is now protected like a fortress in a hostile land;  no one prints cartoons anymore and no politician stands up for western values, for freedom of speech and freedom of expression, which are the fundamental ingredients for the survival of our society and civilisation.

Tariq Suwaidan is  Your Typical Musel- Rageboy With Despite his Western Education

 “In the name of freedom of speech, we demand respect from Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world, with no more insults to Islam. And we are requesting a law that forbids insults of religious figures and religious sacred opinions.”

Willary Clitman is working on it as we speak. Get a load of that evil clenched-teeth grin on his face.

Mohammed Cartoons – Tareq Al-Suweidan

Islam is coming back

The West needs to understand it is inevitable – Tariq Suwaidan

Incoherent rants from a deluded Muselmaniac who dwells in an imaginary glory of a past that never was.

The west never needed Islam, and we don’t need any more of it. Not now, not ever. We need to reverse the invasion.

Time to go, Tareq!

4 thoughts on “Flashback: the mad rants of Tariq Suwaidan”

  1. (first video) 4:00 “…we request a law that forbidds the insult of religious figures and religious sacred opinions”

    here you have it form the dhimmi (9:29) organisation UN & Shrillary Clinton:

    (video) HR Resolution 16/18: criminalisation of criticism of Islam (i.e. quoting Qur’an) http://newstime.co.nz/human-rights-resolution-criminalisation-of-criticism-of-islam.html

    “… will doubtless be deemed incitement under Resolution 16/18

    … as the ICCPR specifically mandates that incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence be prohibited by law (ICCPR Article 20.2)….”

  2. Try to imagine what it would be like, in a society in which even favorable drawings of the Prophet are considered blasphemous, to see him insulted like this. Sure, that is what they are doing to us, and far worse, but we should not stoop to the level of our enemies, the fundamentalistic Muslim extremists, because we basically become them. The end does not justify the means, because if it did, then the Holocaust would also be justified. A utopia in which there is no war sounds perfect, but if we must stoop to the level of the ones we protest against, then we are as ammoral as they are, and we are them, but with different excuses and pretenses.

  3. To “Not a Muslim”: your reasoning sounds laudibly high-minded, but decent people have demonstrated often in the past that sometimes they must “stoop” as you say to a pretty base level TEMPORARILY to preserve their families’ and nations’ security. We do not “become” our enemies by fighting them as hard as we need to to beat them. It’s sometimes a matter of survival: why should evil win? We didn’t have to commit genocide against the Nazis to beat them, just plan and fight hard then: it was over. Back to normal.
    I have no idea what you are talking about “…the Holocaust would be justified…?”
    By the way, most cartoons of “the Prophet” have been for the benefit of non-Muslims rather than to provoke Muslims. Why not have a bit of fun if we want to? The only way we need to show respect is by not doing such things in their countries, but they are new arrivals here in the West so they can put up with it or go home.

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