French Muslims Fear 'Backlash' Over Schizophrenic Hostage Taker Who 'Had Forgotten to Take His Meds'

Tomorrows headlines today:

I’m still waiting for the backlash from the freshly released ‘Maghrebine’ criminal who shot two young police women.

Police have detained a  who held four people hostage at  in the southern city of , France, for almost seven hours.

Thanks to allah he was “a schizophrenic who had forgotten to take his meds”. Nothing to do with Islam, as always.

Public prosecutor Michel Valet told reporters that the man “wished to let it be known that he is not acting for money, but for religious reasons”.

The hostage-taker was believed to be around 30 years old and known to the authorities, Toulouse newspaper La Depeche reported. He was from Castres, to the east of Toulouse, and one source told the paper he was a schizophrenic who had broken off his treatment.

TOULOUSE, France — A self-proclaimed Al-Qaeda militant took hostages at a bank in French city Toulouse on Wednesday close to where “scooter shooter” Mohamed Merah lived and was shot dead by police in March.–Read more: