Fundamentally Transforming France

I have a hunch that even France’s deluded lefties don’t like what they voted for:

Muselmanic Minister Wants  Hookers to ‘Disappear’

France’s new Women’s Rights Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem’s stated mission is to start the eradication of prostitution in France by pushing tough legislation against their clients.  For Vallaud-Belkacem, a Moroccan Muslim, prosecuting clients is just the first step.

Jew Hunting Season Open in France

France is presently prey to one of the worst waves of anti-Semitism in its history ; this wave is not receding, rather, it is intensifying.   The establishment remains blindly silent : for them, Muslims are “victims of racism” and therefore cannot be racist.

Chechen murders classmate

Kid who strangled student to death in France was Chechen refugee.  (Vlad Tepes)

It’s a nightmare. You take your kid to school in the morning and before lunch he’s dead. All  because of muslim infiltration.

The deceased student, in classe de 5e, was a promising soccer player and living at Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande (south of Rennes), was to become part of the Stade Rennais club  next season. The 16-year old college pupil, son of chechen political refugees and student of 3e, practised boxing, according to several witness.

How many French flags can you count in this recent “celebration of diversity?”

3 thoughts on “Fundamentally Transforming France”

  1. After reading the story of the 13 year old kid murdered today by a muslim scumbag in France, I invite islamists to tell us why we shoould not be either deporting them or shooting them. To the muslim who defended the muslim parasites who are getting their come-uppance in Myanmar … the story is familiar isnt it!!!!

    France, I suggest that you get rid of that moron Hollande and the twits he has in his cabinet — if you still love your country that is!!!

  2. Prostitution is not per se morally bad or reprehensible. Many many women are forced to prostitute themselves. Many other men or women freely choose to do so. Rather than ban prostitution government should try to eradicate forced prostitution and ensure the free prostitutes still have access to their medical care. Just look at other European countries. Some of them admit that it is impossible to eradicate prostitution have chosen to regulate rather than ban it.

  3. I think its not so much about prostitution as imposing muslim mores.

    This token Muslima wants to be seen doing something; if it wasn’t prostitution it would have been pork or alcohol, or the singing of the Marseillaise, or removing crosses from public buildings…. but wait: didn’t they already remove them during the French revolution?

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