"German Man" Yelling 'Allahu Akbar' on Rooftop Knife in One Hand & Wife's Head in the Other….

Nothing to do with Islam, I betcha. This was no German either: the guy was a Turk, of course. And after throwing her head from the building he started cutting her body  in pieces!

Fiddler Headchopper on the Roof

From the Puff- Ho and Vlad Tepes:

A German Muselman was seen atop his roof, a knife in one hand and his wife’s head in the other this morning.

The unidentified 32-year-old man allegedly screamed “Allahu Akbar,” which means “Allah is greater” in Arabic, before decapitating his wife on the roof of his five-story apartment, according to a translation of the Berliner Morgenpost. Police described the suspect as mentally ill.

Of course, of course! Mentally ill, that’s it!

The man then threw the head into the courtyard of the housing compound.   When police went to arrest the man, he attempted to fight officers but eventually was overwhelmed. Six children aged between 18 months and 13 years were found safe in the apartment. It was not known if they witnessed the attack.  (The Australian)

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53 thoughts on “"German Man" Yelling 'Allahu Akbar' on Rooftop Knife in One Hand & Wife's Head in the Other….”

  1. want to know exactly how violent Islam is…than read the full quran here is the link …
    while you are at it read
    Chapter maryam (Mary May peace be upon Her)
    Chapter Imran (Omran the father of Respected Mary)
    Chapter Israel, etc
    there is no objective more worthy than finding, knowing and living on TRUTH….

    PS you say your are propagators of the truth, if so than don’t delete my comment and link….

  2. Police described the suspect as mentally ill.

    Exactly! Islam is a Mental Illness. Confirmed by ‘atif’ (above comment). Muhammad was mentally ill. So are all his followers.

  3. Atif, people have stopped looking at your Muslim propaganda and are now looking at the evidence. The evidence speaks for itself and is contrary to the propaganda. Do yourself a favor … leave Islam now and grow a brain. Islam has no answers for anything and never has had. It is nothing but a Johnny-come-lately “religion” created by a con man to subjugate morons like you. It doesn’t even have a decent mythological underpinning to make it passably interesting. Otherwise, you’re simply choosing to be mentally ill. There is no Allah. There probably was no “Mohammed”. Even if there was a “Mohammed”, he wasn’t a prophet because there is no such thing as “prophets”. It’s all a fairy tale, dude, grow up.

  4. atif, I have read the Quran, the most violent , godless, evil and depressing book, 60% of it on how to kill, maim, torture, behead and defeat the enemy, Non Muslims of course! the other 40% is a whole lot of do’s and don’ts, rituals that are so ridiculous and time consuming its no wonder arab muslim countries produce nothing (except oil that is , and that is extracted via western technology). Muslims in the Middle East are so non productive because , with their butts in the air facing mecca 5 times a day, ther’es only limited time for work. Muhammad had his followers praying up to 20 times a day at one stage, until they had little time for anything else, then after they complained bitterly god allah conveniently sent down a new rule saying 5 was fine , what a joke Islam is, but a very bad joke that makes crazed killers out of ordinary men. Mohammad was a manic schiz0prenic psychopath, it is a diagnosed mental condition we know a lot about today..Mohammads book Quran uses classic brainwashing techniques used also by cults, isolation of the believer from other non believing members of his family who are regarded as unclean so are shunned as is the rest of humanity, supposed superior knowledge, unswerving loyalty by not being allowed to question any of the beliefs, do do otherwise results in sharp punishment..listen, arif, just go question your imam on anything in the Quran , be critical and persistent with your queries and see how peaceful and tolerant your religious cult is then. To be honest I feel sorry for you , wake up…

  5. I have 4 different “translations” of the Qur’an. I have tried to give reading them a fair trial. I find the Qur’an has no coherence whatsoever. Its disjointed verses are the ravings of a madman,or as history reveals,someone subject to epilectic seizures. There is no sense or reason,no logical sequence. If anyone can find anything similar to the Sermon on The Mount,or First Corinthians chapter 13,please let us know. Islam has 99 names for Allah,and not one of them is LOVE. Allah has no time for Love,he is too busy threatening hellfire.Who could possibly feel affection for a god like that?

  6. Atif,
    islam is evil, you are stupid, and the speed of light is the constant c is all inertial reference frames. These are facts – care to dispute them. Now PO.

  7. day after day i am more and more scared! scared to have my head cut or to get some acid on my face cause i am a women or cause my face is not entirely covered (oh shoo i must be whore for showing cheeks) … in MY european country, is that normal ? we really need to protect our population from devil and terror

  8. typo correction in last email to moron called atif

    “constant c in all inertial”

    still waiting for the disputation LOL

  9. Stephanie
    the verses regarding war situation when one faces enemies face to face on the battle field, each party with full intention to harm each other
    now consider this, what would a general tell his troops at this time….he or she will definitely will not tell them to give flowers or hug your opponent
    which religion do you follow
    let me know and I will give you reference of such situation from the BOOK that you follow…to make you understand what I mean
    can also give us references where quran refers to mercy for humanity and love and care…that will be more balance…it would be better for you to read the whole book and than comment on it….I think this is a fair request

  10. Red Rose
    mentality is an attitude of the mind or a way of a group…the only mentality that I see from the group of reference which you belong to is…non justified bashing of muslims…am I asking money or rewards from you…all I say is to read the whole book before commenting…at least for the sake of fairness…than if you still continue to belong to the group that hates muslims than that your decision, your choice as per your FREE WILL..
    it would be nice to know are your christain, jewish, naturalist, athiest, etc??
    which faith system do you belong to?

  11. Pray Hard

    I appreciate your concern for my well being especially as to my religious inclination…
    It’s is Allah Who blessed the bani israel and grant them freedom from corrupted evil pharoah, it is Allah who made the sons of Ibraham ( the leader of all humanity), Isaic, and Yaqoob (jacob), to inherit the land of egypt and give them kingdom. it was allah who made Respected Moses may peace be on him to live in the palace of pharoah in peace while pharoah was killing the male borns of bani israel…all this and more and more…it was allah who made the dead to rise up and give away the killer when the piece of sacrifice strike the body, it was the Abdus salam a great jew scholar of a best linage who accepted Islam saying There is no god but God and Muhammad is His messenger….it is Allah who created the heavens and spread its and it keeps on spreading till the last day…
    it is Allah to whom we will all return each of us behind our nabi our messenger from Him…verily Moses was a Muslim willingly submitting to allah, and he command nothing but Islam it is the innovations and leading away from the real truth the commandants of allah and Torah the book of allah to moses and the following of man made laws and following of rabi making them like god, making legal for themselves what allah made illegal when rabi told them so…torah takes precedence over all man made laws or compilations, it should be the torah for matters that are clearly defined and only talmud when there is no guidence in torah…
    it is the people who differ and not the prophets, it’s the people who follow their elders blindly taking the words or book of allah as a play thing…saying in ignorance and pride of that which they do not know…
    read, read torah, read it of whatever is left of the real thing, read it, read quran…and decide…know your religion and it’s matters…know how the scholars made people to follow manmade laws, making it above Torah…educate yourself and verily knowledge is freedom..

  12. kaw
    speed of light is constant, and so is the Truth…
    and no matter how your pursue it it leads to the ultimate Truth, the Creator
    For He is the most Beautiful, the Most Merciful…
    we can dispute on who is He?
    The G_d of Jews
    The God of Christains
    or the God of Muslims
    I say all 3 references are ONE..
    For the One whose name Jews don’t name is Eternal, the Ever-living, the Last and the First, and to Him we shall return
    for He is who made Jews the People Chosen…the people of the old
    neigther we will be asked about them and neither they will be asked about us
    we must decide on the Truth ourselves practising our natural instincts to comprehend the ultimate Truth, the One who Loves and Gives to all whether they love Him or not..
    one thing for sure…the Creator is the One whom we must all follow….
    at least we are one on this very subject

  13. achristain
    islam liberated women, for example the highest percentage of new Muslims in Europe and Americas are women…why?
    Muslim women always had right of ownership, inheritance, right to own part of Husband income, asset, etc
    when did European non-muslim women get this right?
    please enlighten us…
    tell me one thing more
    not following the natural inclinations as much of athiest world drums about…women have been forced into taking over the responsibilities of men…but tell me one thing how many responsibilities have men taken from women..none
    women are now forced to do double the job, to make money for the family, propogate family, groom the family, take care of the house, etc etc…women are not liberated rather they subjugated….in the past women was responsble for the children only, their up bringing, grooming, education, this way they groomed nations not just children…but now they are forced to work, and still do the rest….i would like to ask you one thing, how many women do you know who sit back, chill and are not responsible for the income…they are not forced by circumstance or socail pressure to work…they choose to work or don’t…they choose to spend time at home or tend to self actualizing activities….how many do you know? if any ask them that would they be prepared to take equal responsibility against their natural inclinations for bread butter of her children when her husband is working his ass off to make it for her and her children…ask them and tell us the answer….i am 100% sure that their answer will be NO NO NO

    as for mankind, we are humans before anything else…so any system that is against our genetic potential who forced us to become divine or leave us to be animals cannot survive or lead us to greatness…therefore it’s only Islam who can provide the way…..but to know this truth
    refer to quran and only authenticated references of Prophet Muhammad
    don’t look at those who say we are muslims like in jews and christains there are many sects in islam each following their own desires or scholars while jews, christains, and Muslims must only follow the Word of God and the Prophets…refer to authentic material only…..read and learn and than put muslims, christians, or jews to the test…hold each of them responsible for what they do against the scriptures….but this is another topic all together…

  14. sheikyermami
    thanks for your patience, but can I give my response to the comments..
    please can i response to any new comments on my reply
    or should i ignore them?

  15. i don’t know my comments still show “awaiting moderation” while i am only commenting on very bashful anti islam comments
    as you said i stay on the topic but this time though please let my comments be posted for sake of equal opportunity and fairness
    plus my comments are not in anyway against any religion especially any prophet of Almighty….
    Sheik….i plead my case to your judgement O bearer of illuminating all truth shining torch…i am not good at it…but in case you don’t understand i am trying to butter you up….sheik…this time let my comments go…. 🙂

  16. Atif,

    I suggest that you publicly state that all religions are equivalent, that no muslim has the right to expect others to follow islam, that no muslim has the right to force others to convert to islam, that no muslim has the right to seek preferential treatement for muslims over others, and that no muslim has the right to hold islamic law above the laws of the country it (it being the muslim) has infected.

    atif’s dawa is amusing, mostly because it demonstrates how simple atif is. But I do agree that it is an abuse of this website.

    I know muslims – most are simple scum that should be shot on the spot – you contribute nothing but try and take all -. very simply, my experience with all peoples has shown me that muslims are worthless tripe. I have thought about the issues of god etc to a depth that you simply cannot – you are too dumb – do you really believe that you can teach anyone here anything??!!!. You cannot, and your presence here is merely tolerated because you reinforce the concept of a violent stupid muslim thug incapable of any real thought. Have a nice day – no …on second thoughts do not – you parasites have done enough damage and it is about time we removed you from this planet.

  17. kaw
    your suggestion for my proclamation is fair as per your view on religion and system of belief so here goes
    1. I beleive in all religions in the past,
    2. I believe in all Prophets of allah including Jesus, and Moses and all before them
    3. I believe in all the Books from the Heavens
    4. if i don’t believe in the holy books and prophets than I am a non-believer
    5. No muslim can or should force anyone to be a muslim, worhsipping only One God, it’s the right of each and every person to accept or not to accept on his own free will. As allah says to Prophet Muhammad, your job is to distribute knowledge as allah send down form the heavens, and that allah will not ask of muhammad about them. also allah says that verily there is no compulsion in religion. allah also says to says
    Sûrat Al-Kâfirûn
    (The Disbelievers) CIX
    In the Name of Allâh, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
    1. Say: (O Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم to these Mushrikûn and Kâfirûn): “O Al-Kafirûn (disbelievers in Allâh, in His Oneness, in His Angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Day of Resurrection, and in Al-Qadar)!
    2. “I worship not that which you worship,
    3. “Nor will you worship that which I worship.
    4. “And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping.
    5. “Nor will you worship that which I worship.
    6. “To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islâmic Monotheism).”
    6. Muslims who live in countries without Islamic law, should follow the law of the land, however using freedom of speech and tools of positive change can work to make changes for betterment of society over the period of time.
    well that would mean all countries in the world, as we have muslim governments not Islamic governments in any country at this time
    also allah says that we must not use the excuse of law of the land not to practise islam, as Allah has spread large expanse of land, where one can take refuge and follow the word of God. howerver if they want to stay in country even when they are not able to follow islam, well than allah says that relocation for sake of money will be counted as such, relocation or journey for woman will be counted as such. so whatever people want to do using their Free Will should do, and will be accountable when facing Almighty

    kaw, again you talking about killling muslims, you hitler…anyways you are not following what you are preaching tsk tsk tsk
    how many real practising knowledgable muslims have your interacted with…not counting those who you encounter and don’t know about the current and real religion of christains and jews….
    as for reinforcement comment, readers can judge with their own senses who is being voilent atif or kaw….it’s your pride that blinds you…you feel love for your fellow human being…please i request you to calm down and let the commonsense prevail
    when you talk about removing muslims from the planet it means you want total anhilation of so many races that call them muslims rightly or wrongly….change your nic from kaw to HITLER, or GHENGIS KHAN, or Pharoah, or whatever

  18. sheikyermani
    are all my comments posted as some are still showing “under moderation”
    my two previous comments should be posted this time

  19. “1. I beleive in all religions in the past,” No you don’t.

    “2. I believe in all Prophets of allah including Jesus, and Moses and all before them” – but all the profits did not believe in islam nor allah. You believe in the twisted versions of them.

    “3. I believe in all the Books from the Heavens” – Have you ever been in Heavens and saw the books stored there :).

    “4. if i don’t believe in the holy books and prophets than I am a non-believer” – you belive in a pedofilic murderer, that’s worse than to be a nonbeliever.

    “5. No muslim can or should force anyone to be a muslim, worhsipping only One God, it’s the right of each and every person to accept or not to accept on his own free will. As allah says to Prophet Muhammad, your job is to distribute knowledge as allah send down form the heavens, and that allah will not ask of muhammad about them. also allah says that verily there is no compulsion in religion. allah also says to says
    Sûrat Al-Kâfirûn” – your terrorist fellows have diffrent opinion on that, even your profit sides with the terrorists. Secondly there is no knowledge islam can distribute, only delusions of a demented man.

  20. you did not post my comments again
    sheikyermami u r a liar and defender of the falsehood
    if u disagree post my comments answer to others replies

  21. Big Kahuna
    Your comments are mere reflection of your biases towards
    Learn about Jihad from

    Learn about Islam and What Prophets of the old said about Islam…as I have no idea who you are and what is your believe system which is a bit of an disadvantage tot answer but here is a link , go through it

    It’s only the aggressors, with history of aggression towards Ummah, that opposed collective Muslim right of defense and promote fear in the mind of masses. While Allah plainly orders Muslims to be compassionate in Noble Quran. I pasting for you all ayat which tells the subject and whom to fight and whom not to fight……read and tell me why should not muslim as a nation have the right to defend itself

    1. First of all, Atif: there is a little word when you ask something: its spelled P-L-E-A-S-E. Remember that!

      “Only aggressors?”


      “I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until the people say that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his profit”

      So if the people laugh in your face and don’t accept your absurd claims you call that aggression.

      Its not as if we didn’t hear that before. But go ahead, knock yourself out!

  22. Big Kahuna
    Your comments are mere reflection of your biases towards
    Learn about Jihad from

  23. I agree with Atif, allah is our god,there is no god but allah all of you who are against allah are wrong, you now might say i’m stupid or wrong but i am sure of my religion,dont believe me now but i’m warning you when you die you will be judged by allah and he will put you in fire with the demons because you disobey him ,ofcourse i dont know where you will go but that is what i suppose because you are called in arabic “kafireen” which is non- believers and the one who said there is no allah and mohammad is a pshyco, you are wrong you will be punished to save your life from not going to hell you have to become a muslim , i know you will curse me but god is watching all of us right now ,every where so i dont care how much you curse me but “la ilaha ila allah, mohammad rasool allah” im telling you this for your sake because since you are still alive you can save yourself from the fire and become a muslim and the qur’an makes alot of sense! the bible from before was correct but then the jewish changed it and does it make sense to have millions of bibles that come out every year ?! they are written by jewish who will burn in hell for sure! that guy was mentally ill but how do you know if all muslims were also mentally ill? some cristians kill too and only for money so they do it on purpose but muslims are peaceful he had a problem that is an exception! who r u to judge who is ill or not?! the one who is ill is you! for not realizing who is the right religion. I’m sorry i was so rude ,that is not the qualities of a muslim but i just couldnt stand all the insults of the right religion so i am inviting you to be a muslim just read some of the qur’an and u will notice sense,why do some cristians convert to muslims? because god gave them the gift to realize the right religion so i hope god will give it to you. forgive me for my rudness but im actually helping you now in the nicest way,i will not force you to convert,its your free will but just like an invitation,it would be good if you joined.

  24. Mariam and Atif stop wasting our air please, hundreds of thousands of people in the world die every day why cant you 2 be amongst them?

  25. l have seen the light!! Thanks Mariam, for if you tell me Allah is the one true God then YOU must be right and the rest of us are being delusional!
    But then again, could you and all your ilk just be brain washed morons who can’t think for themselves?? l am an atheist and l truly believe that Allah and Islam are the drug induced delusions of a vile pedophile. Therefore because l am telling you this you should believe me. But let me guess, it’s easier to follow a false religion where thinking for yourself is severely frowned upon.

  26. First Jay,It was rude of you to wish that i die even though we are speaking the truth, but fine, dont believe me when judgment day comes you will regret the fact you didnt join islam, now i know you will not join just because some body on the internet told you but, just try to study a little about islam i think you might realize people ! and the other guy! “islam is a crock guy!” just read the translation of surat al baqara verse 22 to 23. plus i have proof and faith in my religion, heres one: The Qur’an is one book no matter where you go in stores, you will see the same words,while bibles,there are many books and in each store you find different sayings, how does that make sense? how am I delusional? even in the bible they say jesus is not god. jesus was a human like you the way you saw miracles, were not from him. he prayed to allah and said “oh god, they said they will not believe in islam becuz they want a miracle, please let a miracle happen so the could believe.” but you took it the wrong way,you said he made the miracles, but that is not true he was a human he gets sick and dies. you think jesus is god then how did “jesus” which is for you “god” die? god never dies. and how can jesus create a world bigger than him? he was just a prophet who wanted to invite you to islam but some people corrupted it.


  27. First jay, you were very rude to wish i would die for telling you the true religion and saving you but i know, i know, you will not join islam becuz some body on the internet told you but if you read the Qu’ran it will make sense. Look at some cristians who converted to muslims like if you watch the videos of richard estes who now changed his name to yusuf estes , he used to be a priest and he was trying to convert a muslim to a cristian, but the muslim said i will join if you have proof then the priest thought he almost had him and said “so your religion doesn’t have faith? only proof?! then the muslim said : no, my religion has proof and faith! what do you have? so then the priest turned into a muslim and became a sheikh , just watch his videos, i think he will reach out to you because he knows all about your religion and is from america in texas.

  28. And if you read surat al baqara in the Qur’an verse 22 to 23 it would make sense, if u want read it all.heres a proof for our religion:the Qu’ran is one book and no matter how many stores you have been to you will always find the same words while the bible is like a million books and in many stores you find different words! does that make sense? which one is the right one? that is why your religion is kind of hard to know about.

  29. Mariam,

    Thank you so much for demonstrating how stupid muslims are!!!!

    On another topic Jesus has NOTHING to do with islam. islam has dishonestly claimed jesus as one of their profits. A good analogy would be claiming that buddhists were actually Christians who got the message wrong – a rather bold-faced lie. and that is what you are – a bold faced liar. Incidentally, you stupid bitch, how one interprets the rubbish in the quran is the key – and you idiot muslims are still killing each other on the “right” way – keep on the good work. Unlike you morons, Christianity grew up, but you cannot and the guff that you have written shows us why.

    In my travels, which are extensive, the only thing that one can say about islam is that it is a destructive force that destroys all creativity and intelligence, and replaces all with a system driven by conflict. Keep it you stupid bitch – you are not welcome nor are you needed nor are you wanted,

  30. Kaw you’re listenng to one side of the story and stop being rude,narrow minded, and dogmatic. Let us engage in an open minded discussion. In Islam we believe Jesus was spreading the message that there is 1 God, we believe that the fundamental of his teachings were deviated.And this is evident from the bible, I challenge you to find me a single expliit statement where Jesus says he is God or worship me.On the contrary listen to what the bible has to say: “I with the finger of God cast out devils” Luke 11:20-“I cast out devils by the spirit of God” Mathew 12:28-“All power is given unto me” Mathew 28:18-“He that is sent is not greater than He that sent me” John 13:16(these are all jesus’s sayings from the bible indicating that the miracles he performed were only possible by the permission of the one God and that God is greater than him) “the son of MAN came eating and drinking, and they say behold a MAN gluttonous. And a winebibber. A friend of publicans and sinners” Mathew 11:19&Luke 7:34 (God eating and drinking? God is gluttonous and a friend of sinners?)Now if the mentality of christians is since jesus didn’t have a human father then he is God or son of God well how about we back up all the way back to the first man Adam, he doesn’t have a mother or a father does that mean he is a greate God. So basically Kaw you can’t blame the muslims for saying jesus submitted to one God, nowhere in the bible does jesus say worship me!

  31. Sheik, I apologise to you and to the non-muslim readers of this site and shall keep the language in check. While I shall keeps things “high-brow” from now on there are still valid reasons why one must sometimes stoop to the depths of the muselmaniac.

    You understand their culture as well as I do, and you then know that these thugs only understand the harshest of language, There is a reason why every “stable” ME Arab government has been significantly repressive within Western standards and if you understand the reasons for this then you also understand why conventional and polite argument does not serve any purpose in dealing with these thugs. As as aside, like you I am extensively travelled and I, personally, have had enough of the destruction wrought by people like miriam and its mindless islamic cohorts onto unsuspecting peoples. Being nice and proper has its place, but as the PC clowns who have permitted mass immigration of these thugs into our cities have shown, sometimes being nice and proper is not how we protect what we stand for (there appears to be an unresolvable duality here if you do not think about this carefully, but if you do the statement is consistent).

    However I will watch my language in the future, although the harshest of words is deserved by these clowns. Enough said on this point.

    I will add one further comment – mirian inadvertently concedes that she does not understand Christianity in her last line – “that is why your religion is kind of hard to know about”. However this line actually invalidates any argument she makes in comparing islam with Christianity – so why even start a comment in the first case??? The first observation is that she is either insufficiently intelligent to understand the implications of what she has written or that its understanding of English is not sufficiently developed. In either case, her arguments are on flimsy ground and support a general hypothesis that fear, anger and malice drive the believers of islam.

  32. atif,
    Amusing that you understand little but feel the need to preach the philosophy of a warlord and criminal ca. 600 AD. Firstly, you believe only in what you have been told to believe – from your postings it is clear that you are not capable of any self-initiated thinking processes. I suggest that you address issues of non-violence to your co-religionists. I have simply treated you as your fellow religionist treat us, and until you people actually start to grow socially you should expect nothing less. You argue at the level of a two year old child, but that is typical for the followers of mo-ped, the bike powered by natural gas. The one single thing that islam does is destroy – and we have no more time for your silly games. If you want to live with us YOU now have to prove that you are genuine – the shoe is on YOUR foot. What happens to muslims depends very much on what people like you choose to do. Incidentally, the fact that you openly write against non-muslims who imply what muslim openly threaten to non-muslims, without also addressing your violent co-religionists speaks a significant amount as to what your real motivations are. NO THANKS!

  33. Listen Kaw!! The fact that you cursed me is how you represent your religion so … good representation!! wow ! see us muslims dont curse, so who has the better religion now?!
    the fact that you cursed me just shows that you knew what i said was strong but you did not have anything good as a comeback so you cursed me well guess what? I dont care! so if you think it effects me, you are wrong i am stronger than you when it comes to personality and i bet if i cursed you right now u r gonna cry to your mother? arent you? ya thats right ! strong come back! just give me a proof that ur religion is better, just one, cuz until now all i saw from you disbelievers was cursing! is that what your religion teaches you? so why do you talk about us? face it , your weak!

  34. Are you a convert? Who are you to tell us what to believe??? Some people. Man you are thick. Do you have a brain in that head of yours? Some of us here have experience and we know how we want to be treated. You can tell us what you think about Islam but we don’t have to be forced to listen to it!!!

  35. Kaw you have made a bold statement saying Jesus has nothing to do with islam, I presented you with a case that shows a link between jesus and islam and how jesus was a possible prophet of islam(not profit which is the term you used to refer to jesus in your previous comment, profit is a financial gain not a messenger of God, you better refresh your English vocabulary spelling skills). Can you please address my case without using foul language and the propagated media false knowledge of what islam is? Can you sincerely use authentic sources of info regarding the subject, not whatever you think,but did not approve about islam?

  36. Take your ass and kiss it goodbye. You don’t like how I spell profit? I spell however I want to spell. In Pakistan you can dream about your goats and die.

  37. @reddog333-Well said.


    “dont believe me now but i’m warning you when you die you will be judged by allah and he will put you in fire with the demons because you disobey him”

    What proof do you have?

    I need to hear directly from Allah and not the made up hearsay that comes from a man who alleges it is the divine word.

    One can allege anything and say anything, but proving is another thing entirely.

  38. reddog I was addressing Kaw, in your comments you didn’t even write profit, unless you are the same person using different usernames just so it may provide the illusion that I am being ganged up on.

  39. well well well what do we have hear, I was addressing Kaw regarding the spelling mistake of prophet to profit yet reddog333 whom didn’t commit this particular mistake stated that he commited it and took it emotional. Give up the act whoever you are, I know you are the same person using these 2 usernames Kaw and reddog333 and only God knows what other usernames in addition are submitted by your hand just to create the illusion that I am or the muslim view in general is being ganged up on, but fortunately you don’t even possess the appropriate attention span to play 2 individual roles. you might as well get off the sight you have been a total disgrace to whatever belief you represent.

  40. Samo,
    The term “profit” is used because Mohammed was no prophet. The words are interchanged in a word play – I suggest that you learn to think. In terms of what islam is the use of the term “profit” is more than appropriate. You, like all muslims, have used projection to create an imaginary link between Jesus and your rather poisonous “religion” – actually islam is no religion – it is an all encompassing and rather nasty social control device but I digress. There is no link between Jesus and islam, apart from the fact that mo the Ped stole parts of the New, Old and Hebraic texts. All of what you have presented is no evidence what-so-ever – just wishful thinking by an islamic dredge. As for language, you have been addressed as you deserve – with contempt because you are basically an illiterate (as evidenced by your inability to understand the word game in the interplay between the words “profit” and “prophet”), uneducated (as evidenced by your ludicrous claims that Christianity is somehow beholden to your rapist profit and its false God) and despicable individual. It is really very amusing that muslims like you seek to try and win arguments which you are incapable of winning, let alone debating decently, and completely ignore the violence that is perpetrated by your co-religionists on others. You are your own worst enemy are are too dumb to understand the fact. I (We) can rip you to pieces on pretty much anything but I am being kind, because usage of language which is appropriate for you is damaging to this site and I have concurred with the SA in that my tone should be more palatable. However, that does not mean that individuals like you who offer no argument apart from poor and incomplete “religious” dogma are deserving of anything more that complete and utter contempt. What is highly amusing is that your “self-projection” is understood by you as an argument that is valid, and from this we can deduce that your intellect is low. But then again, islamists like you and miriam are fools who would not be allowed to feed the village goat because the task would be beyond you. And “reddog” is correct – as implied in this reply – your arguments are no arguments at at – simply imagined and unverifiable claims that cannot pass any logical examination.

  41. Hello!! Wake up! None of you people gave me proofs! we gave you so many proofs from the Qur’an ,but I bet all of you were too lazy and ignorant to actually read it,then you come up here,on this website and say “I read the Qu’ran to give it a fair trial and it makes no sense! ” yeah right! Qu’ran makes more sense than your brains! you people think you are stronger and all that because your more , but , from samo’s comment ,that made me agree with him! some of you make two or three usernames to sound so powerful, well your not!

  42. Kaw or reddogg3, whoever you are, beforehand I knew you were just going to post rubbish and deviate from he main topic, it isn’t the first time I have seen the likes of you, I want you to prove how Jesus didn’t submit to one God(which is what Islam means) and actually professed the trinity by providing me with real verses from the bible where with his own tongue uttered that he is God or son of God or worship me and till now you are beating around the bush, I am not talking about mohamad or the quran, I am talking about jesus and the bible and whether in the bible he stated that his followers should worship him or submitt to one God in which in arabic we call Allah, it is just a translation not a different God, Arab jews and arab christians use the same term. I presented you with real verses from the bible , you can open the bible yourself and check! I don’t use false verses! And here is one more verse that jesus said in the bible:”Hear, O irael: the Lord is our God, the Lord is one” Deutronomy 6:4. According to the bible, Jesus didn’t say: Hear, O israel: the Lord is God, myself, and the holy spirit, the Lord is a trinity. You can check the verse in the bible for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!! so please stick to the main topic, show me where in the bible Jesus said “worship me” or “I am God” (no made up verses because I have many bibles right beside me on my desk so I will directly check if you are bullshitting). This is the challenge don’t IGNORE it!!!!!!!!

  43. Kaw you imbecile you used the false term profit in your previous comment for jesus not muhamad though you stated you used wordplay against muhamad, this just further proves your short attention span. You sir just offended Jesus christ. Like I said before you are a disgrace

  44. Mariam,
    When your barbaric muslim army’s invaded countries and forced people to convert to islam or die most people chose death, what does that tell you about your silly “religion” / cult?

    I’m the same i would rather die then join your piece of shit “religion” / cult and i am prepared to

  45. Mariam,

    Just like people from countries that muslim barbarians have invaded and tried to force them to convert however they chose death i’d be the same,

    Also if your allah is so powerfull and great then where was he when the mighty Israel kicked all the muslim countries butts in those wars? was he on vacation then? honestly it is so sad to see how badly you have been brainwashed i’m sure you could have been a regular functioning member of the community however however you have chosen to join a brainwashing cult.

  46. Well, Jay, to reply about the fact that you say that god was on a vacation and he is not strong! I would like to tell you to think before you speak! The reason why Israel where killing us and god didnt stop them because he said in the Qu’ran that Bad people will enjoy ther lives on earth but when they die, they will be sent to hell and burn in fire, so what really matters is the end, not the beginning, we all have ups and downs but when you die you are either gonna stay up or stay down. BTW, why all the delay? until now I was expecting some proof about why your religion is right, but all i saw was you people cursing us, and everything on this website is untrue! and you dont give me proof because i bet you dont even know your religion, you just claim yourself cristian! but where is the proof! even muslims know about the bible more than you,in fact if you read it alot you get to notice that it is all fake!

  47. And shiekh yer mami, I know what you are doing, you are pretending to be muslim, and say stuff as if you are muslim but you are not! you made this website to mock muslims, but you are so wrong, and why are you doing this? what have muslims ever done to you?

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