The New York Times Obligatory Smear Job on the Muslim Riots in Bonn


“Salafists” is just another  twisted narrative invented by  the crafty scoundrels of the enemedia, who are hell-bent on keeping the myth of the “tiny minority of excremists” alive.

But the truth can no longer be denied; the truth will out as their deceit becomes more an more obvious.

Our people in Germany are and have been collecting data on the worst offenders among the perps in the journaillie, and the files of “Nuremberg II” are growing faster than the new world trade centre in NYC.

We will bring them to justice!

So here we go again:

“Salafists” again, just a “tiny minority of excremists” provoked by evil ‘right-wingers’, “once-tranquil Bonn has become  a volatile cocktail of social tensions, between its Muslim newcomers, who include some German converts as well as immigrants from Arab-speaking countries”…

Why are they there? Why did they come? What is their mission? The NY Slimes doesn’t bother to ask.

Then this:

The King Fahd Academy, where the clashes with the police took place:

Built by the Saudi government, the school was intended to offer a traditional Arabic curriculum to children of diplomats stationed in Bonn. The city authorities tried to close the school in 2003, after it emerged that it taught an extreme form of Islam that encouraged a violent rejection of the Western humanistic values enshrined in the German Constitution.

So what happened to this “extreme form of Islam?”

A compromise was found and the school has remained, becoming a magnet for Muslim families. Several hundred move to Bonn each year, and Muslims now make up about 10 percent of the city’s population. Many are wealthy Arabs attracted to Bonn’s outstanding medical facilities.

Wealthy Arabs? Attracted to Bonn’s outstanding medical facilities? So the Slimes is telling us they pay their own  way and  live there permanently just because of their health? I smell BS.

And what “compromise did the authorities reach with the Saudi madrassa?  ” Did they stop calling Jews & Christians sons of apes and swine, the vilest of creatures who must be  subjugated or wiped out? The slimes doesn’t tell us.

Instead, we get this:

“It is difficult for us as Muslims,” Ms. Elbay said. “Our image is always being destroyed. We do our best to try to live a normal life, we send our children to integrated play groups, we have German friends, and then these people come and destroy it,” she said, referring to the Muslim demonstrators who had turned violent.

WTF is that imaginary “image” that’s being destroyed? How the hell does one destroy the image of the most violent, destructive cult on earth?

Read it all: “Cultural Rift”

3 thoughts on “The New York Times Obligatory Smear Job on the Muslim Riots in Bonn”


    “…Islam is divided into 2 phases; the initial Mecca phase where Muhammad preaches peace and tolerance and the Medina phase in which the Quran becomes a violent, military manual of death and destruction bent on conquering the world for Allah, subjugating its peoples and destroying all other religions.

    It is important to understand that Islam without the initial Meccan peaceful teachings would have gone to oblivion. Without the cover provided by these early teachings, Islam would have lacked any religious creditability masking the Medina call to conquest….”

  2. Not taking issue with you, Stephanie, or anybody else, and I do agree that it’s good to know something about the Koran, BUT, it’s rather like being in the ring with Manny Pacquiao and trying to read a story about him, at the same time, so you’ll know that he’s a fighter and how to fight him. At that point, it’s simply too late. You’d better put the book down and start watching what he does, start defending yourself and trying to take him out. Hannibal Lecter/Marcus Aurelius say it best …

    All words are extraneous at this juncture.

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