Getting Stoned in Dearbornistan

Muslims  curse and  stone American Christians right here in the US of A: “GO HOME, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ENGLISH???”

Welcome to Bizarro World!

If these are “American Muslims”- are they ‘moderate’ or ‘radical…?’

‘Stoning’ Christians in Dearborn (from the Religion of Peace)

(Video) Skip ahead to the 2:15 mark, if you would like. If this is how Muslims treat Christians and Jews in the U.S., then just imagine how much worse things are in Islamic countries. (And what’s up with the cops?)

*Traveling to Pakistan with Hizb-ut Tahrir operative  Hizb ut Tahrir doesn’t make curry princess Warsi an Islamic terrorist:  it was just an ’Oversight’

Forced Marriage Is Criminal, but Criminalising It Is Not the Best Solution– just leave it to community activist  ”Dr” Muhammad Abdul Bari  and all will be well……

No Witness, No Crime

Iran: Christian Activist Eliminated
Dhimmiphobia… or perhaps more like a fear of Islam:
Fearful Labour Tool in Bristol calls for EDL March to be Banned
Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy has called for the EDL to be barred from marching that day, saying she fears for public safety.
 “The EDL’s reputation for Islamophobia, intolerance and public disorder runs contrary to what Pride and vast majority of decent Bristolians stand for. We know from their previous demonstrations in towns like Luton that EDL marches place a huge burden on the police and can lead to violence and intimidation.”
No mention of kafirphobia, intolerance and criminal aggression by muselmaniacs against  the natives….. Bristol: Labour MP calls for EDL march to be banned
San Diego YMCA enforces sharia–From Creeping Sharia:
Muslim shoots wife, daughter & her non-Muslim boyfriend, cops say no “honor killing” attempt–How can it be an honor killing when Muslims say it isn’t? A Muslim is not allowed to lie to a kafir, right?

New Jersey:

Muslim indicted in killing of wife during Ramadan stroll-–“That sharia crap is crazy” according to NJ governor Chris Christie.

The Price of European Immigration (FrontPage Magazine)

“Having Islamophobia in Europe today is just as rational as having icebergophobia on board the Titanic in 1912.”

Other offerings from the Religion of Peace:

4 thoughts on “Getting Stoned in Dearbornistan”

  1. Stoning Christians in the US by Muslims?

    Hmm. Well, I guess it is proof, you can take the Muslim out of the shithole, but you can’t take the shithole out of the Muslim.

  2. 405,000 hits in three days on the Dearborn video of American Muslims stoning Christians with the blessing of Wayne County Sheriffs Department.

    If this video disturbs you contact the Attorney General of Michigan to open an investigation. The WCSheriffs Department, Deputy Chief Mike Jaafar and Chief Richardson stood by and watched as class 3 felony battery with injuries were inflicted on Christians holding signs.

    Is the WCSD enforcing Shariah Blasphemy Laws over our Constitution and individual rights? – Yes. The WCSD swore an oath to uphold American Laws not Shariah compliant laws – when this incident is looked at through the prism just established this case will set a precedent in the United States of America.

    Now is the time to take a stand and support our Constitution.

    The United West

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