Hamburgistan: Who are the Nazis here?

Another smear job by the leftarded media:

Note that there are no pictures of ‘Neonazis’, but lots of far left ‘Antifa’-thugs running amok. This is an ugly hit-job on concerned citizens:

Die Neonazis trugen Plakate mit Sprüchen wie: “Stoppt den Multikultiwahn” oder “Deutsch kann nur der sein, der deutscher Abstammung ist” oder “Multikulti = Völkermord”.

What the enemedia calls ‘Neonazis’ are people who demonstrated peacefully with placards like ‘stop the multiculti-madness’ and ‘German are only those who have German ancestors’ as well as ‘multiculti is genocide’.

Naturally, ‘Antifa’, anarcho’s and other far left rabble attacked them and caused this riot.

Nothing to do with Islam, as usual…. but I can’t see any Nazis, apart from the Sturmer like reporting in the press.


Nazis were (are) far left, and so are the so-called Antifa thugs who caused this mayhem.

Clashes between neo-Nazi demonstrators and far-left counter-protesters last night in Hamburg, Germany left 38 police officers injured, police said Sunday.

There were roughly 3,500 counter-protesters to the 700 neo-Nazis, and close to 10,000 peaceful protesters at a separate rally in front of the city hall.

To contain the situation, an astounding 4,400 police officers were deployed.

At least 63 demonstrators were taken into custody, and 17 were formally arrested.

Perhaps confusing the number arrested with the number of neo-Nazis gathered, Russia Today isreporting that up to 700 were arrested, and they have remarkable video of the protests.

Watch it, below:

The security forces were reportedly pelted with rocks, bottles and fireworks, and they responded by turning a water canon and pepper spray on the rioting groups.

At least two parked cars and a police cruiser were set ablaze, in addition to a barricade of trash cans, according to reports.

Authorities estimate that the protesters caused roughly 1.5 million Euros worth of damage, during a time where austerity and budgets are the central concern of Europe.  Germany has been forced to shoulder a large amount of the burden for its neighbors, and the German public is seemingly becoming losing its patience.

While the neo-Nazis’ parade was termed “The Day of the German Future,” the city’s police chief remarked that he was pleased to see so many turn out for the larger, peaceful protest, demonstrating for an “open and tolerant Hamburg.”

Turning reality on its head, once again. It was the much larger mob of ‘Antifa’-thugs who caused the riot, and they are anything but “open and tolerant”. So we now have a situation where even the police-chief lies  and smears concerned citizens and obscures  what’s really going down.