Poisoning Schoolgirls is un-Islamic; certain "warmongering blogs are causing Mass-Hysteria!"

Sure thing. People who bomb schools on a regular basis and blow up buses with schoolchildren in them would never use poison, right? (sarc/off !)


Islamic supremacists poison 97 more girls for the crime of going to school

Girls going to school: a grave sin. Poisoning girls who go to school: pleasing to Allah. “97 Takhar students poisoned,” by Nadar Azizi and Zarghona Salehi for Rawa News, June 2 (thanks to JW):

PAN, May 27, 2012: Once again radicals opposing girls’ education on Sunday poisoned more than three dozen schoolgirls in northern Takhar province, the third incident of its kind over the past two months, officials said.At least 97 students of the Bashirabad girls’ high school in the northern province of Takhar were poisoned on Saturday, officials said.

Seven schoolgirls are in critical condition while the rest were discharged from hospital after treatment, Public Health Director Habibullah Rostaqi told Pajhwok Afghan News.

Education Director Abdul Wahab Zafari said most of the 8th grade and 10th grade students were victims to Saturday’s poisoning.

With the latest case, the number of poisoned school girls over the past one month had reached 400, he said.

From the Islamofascist Bunglawussi blog:

Tests by the International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) and government, however, have not found any toxic substances. One international expert has said the scares have all the hallmarks of mass hysteria.

Independent, 1 June 2012

Unfortunately the hysteria is not restricted to the classrooms of Afghanistan. Certain warmongering blogs have seized on the reports of mass poisonings by the Taliban without bothering to question whether they have any factual basis. See for example here  and here.

As many as 550 schools affecting 300,000 pupils have been shut down in 11 provinces where the Taliban has a robust presence, the Ministry of Education said. The insurgents threaten schools partly because they do not support the government curriculum.