Illary Shrillary

The Klintoons, (yes, slick Willie and his shrew)  are becoming  increasingly embarrassing,

Is Hillary ‘Mentally ‘illary’?

By Jeannie DeAngelis

Quite frankly, Hillary Clinton appears to be losing it.  She is letting her hair down, literally and otherwise.  Based on her behavior lately, the former first lady/current secretary of state is either trying to rehabilitate her stoic reputation, ecstatic that Bill’s off supporting African farmers, or throwing caution to the wind and loosening up a bit.

Over the years, Hillary has said and done some pretty crazy things.  Who can forget when Hillary, born in 1947, concocted the story that her late mother Dorothy named her after Mount Everest mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, who became famous five years after the little Rodham was born?

Or how about when, recounting a 1996 trip to Bosnia, Mrs. Clinton “misspoke” when she apparently mistook receiving flowers from a little girl for running across the Tulza tarmac, dodging sniper fire?

Inserting her family into the 9/11 catastrophe, Hillary even claimed that Chelsea, who was home in bed at the time, was jogging around the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001.  When she was seeking a Senate seat in New York State, Hillary shamelessly reached into her carpetbag and pulled out a “Die-hard Yankee Fan” baseball cap.

And we haven’t even mentioned Huma Abedin, her lesbian girlfriend from the Muslim Brotherhood yet:

Mrs. Clinton blamed allegations of Bill’s peccadilloes on a “vast right wing conspiracy”; she lifted “gifts” from the White House and called it a “clerical error“; she perceived herself to be instrumental in both the Irish peace process and the economic recovery of the 1990s; and she jokingly (but not really) credited the fall of Libya and death of Gaddafi to her visit.  These are but a few examples of bizarre statements and behavior that until now appeared to be only for political purposes.

Recently, after ditching her signature scrunchie and casting off that banana clip, Hillary officially let her hair down.  She’s “come out of the closet,” so to speak, in the party-girl sense of the word.  Either that or the wheels started coming off Hillary’s restraint bus back in April, when a photograph was circulated of “Hillz” submitting a text message on her Blackberry to the “Texts from Hillary” Tumblr blog while wearing a pair of sunglasses that would make Men in Black 3 star Will Smith proud.

Then, a few days later, in Cartagena, Colombia, while attending the Summit of the Americas that excluded Cuba, just past midnight with a party of 12 female aides, Condoleezza Rice’s replacement was seen swilling a frosty “Aguila pilsner cerveza” out of the bottle and whooping it up to a Cuban beat on the dance floor of Café Havana.  The only thing missing was a shot of Mrs. Clinton puffing on one of Bill’s favorites, a Montecristo Especial No. 2.

After just barely living down the girls’ night out, at the swearing-in ceremony of Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Michael Hammer, freewheeling party girl Hillary howled like she’d been hitting the Aguilas again.  The secretary of state showed up to what’s normally a routine, boring ritual wearing purple costume jewelry and green sunglasses.

With Russia sending attack helicopters to Syria, and with China, Syria, Iran, and Russia planning joint war games in the Middle East, clearly, the secretary of state was focused on an issue that far exceeds such trivia.  Ribbing the purple-loving Hammer, Hillary said, “Mike, I was in a real dilemma. I have pantsuits in nearly every color — except purple.”

Let’s just say “thank the good Lord that Hammer isn’t fond of ‘Gap Blue.'”  But wait!  Hillary doesn’t own a purple pantsuit?  Well, why didn’t she just borrow back her 1993 inaugural ball gown from the Smithsonian for the event?  That was a lovely shade of purple.

Fashion-challenged for the occasion, Clinton told Hammer’s purple-clothed family that she needed to be “appropriately attired … [and] … proceeded to put on purple Mardi Gras beads and what she called her ‘piece de resistance,’ wing-tipped purple and green sunglasses.”

Hillary then looked at those in attendance, gave an “Oh… kay!” and cackled a tad, donned the sunglasses, and prepared to administer the oath of office.  Turning to Mike Hammer, with a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-worthy, loud, and drawn-out “Hee hee hee ha ha ha,” Hillary laughed like “she’s mentally ‘illary” before she said, “So! Repeat after me…”

The oath even included a dose of comic relief.  Without mentioning Barack Obama and Eric Holder, Hillary asked Hammer to repeat the words: “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Looking like she just fell off a float on Bourbon Street, Clinton, with a straight face, then asked Mr. Hammer if he was taking the “obligation freely … [and] without any mental reservation[.]”  Hammer said, “Yes,” and the swearing-in was concluded with more cackling and hugs and kisses all around.

So while the nation spirals downward into an economic and social abyss, there are a few possibilities: Hillary Clinton has officially left the “mentally sound reservation,” she has been hanging around too much with Nancy “Lost It Altogether” Pelosi, she has lost interest in convincing America she should be the one answering the White House phone at 3:00 am, she has ditched the estrogen patch, or she is finally revealing the lunatic side that for the last 20-something years she’s tried in vain to conceal.

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  1. It should not be overlooked that the Clintons murdered upwards of 400 people and also JFK, JR. There are witnesses and lots of articles about this — for one, look at “The Crimes of an American President” at Hidden Mysteries by Mike Douglass, there you will find all the grisley details. Why are these two criminals still walking around free, one impersonating a Secetary of State, the other cashing in on huge fees for making speeches and generally making a nuisance of himself, both are evil criminals and the lowest grade of human beings who ought to be in Gitmo with leg irons under the strickest surveillance. Why does no law enforcement person bring them to trial and sentence them to Hang be the neck until they are dead, dead, dead?????

  2. Saturday, 07 July 2012

    Abuse Of Females: The West’s Shocking Complicity

    I have just finished listening to Mrs. Clinton’s public pronouncements she made in Europe. Seldom have I heard such drivel fall from the mouth of a US politician. Not only was what she said almost incomprehensible rubbish devoid of any links to reality, but it was also devoid of any internal consistency. In short, it was a shocking display of a diseased mind and I was deeply embarassed on her behalf by the television coverage that I recorded. Forcing her to speak in public was nothing short of abuse and I expected at any moment to see responsible doctors rescue her from such treatment.

    Therefore, I have only one question and I ask it perfectly seriously and with deep concern. By any reasonable definition Is Mrs. Clinton in touch with reality to a sufficient degree to be counted as sane, and, since she obviously is not, why are her loved ones and her friends not making attempts to rescue her?

    One is much more accustomed to seeing and hearing about females being abused in Islamic countries. To see Mrs. Clinton forced to speak in public about things she obviously knows nothing about, and that her once keen mind cannot now grasp in any case, was just a callous display of ritual humiliation of a female in public and as such was deeply distressing.

    So, I ask once more: where are her loved ones and her doctors? Is nobody going to help this poor deluded and delusional woman? Will nobody step up and protect her from the sordid exploitation she is forced to undergo on an almost daily basis?

    If she were a woman in an Islamic country we would all be hot under our respective collars about her public treatment and the humiliation of revealing her ignorance and the deterioration of her mind that she is forced into by her boss. Come on America – rescue Mrs. Clinton now. Demand that she is treated with respect and placed in a secure environment where she cannot harm herself or others, or be harmed by them. The maltreatment of this poor lady is shocking and a blot on the escutcheon of the modern, caring USA.

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