CAIR Causes Gellerphobia in LA

Hamas Front CAIR Goes Apeshit:

“Breivik, racists, Islamophobes, fear-mongering…”

CAIR is “shocked and alarmed …”  there is  “increased and urgent responsibility to promote tolerance and mutual understanding”– just imagine “how hurt Jewish community members would be  if they discovered American Muslims hosting an anti-Semitic speaker.” 

Funny that they don’t tell us that ‘kill the infidels, kill the Jews” is standard fare in every mosque. ConstantContact via Mullah


No worries: “urgent responsibility to promote tolerance and mutual understanding” restored

Establishment Jews are really making  a name for themselves. Is it any wonder that the American Jewish left has become a problem for Israel?

LA Jewish group capitulates to Hamas-linked CAIR, cancels Geller event

Pamela Geller has the details here:

If you’re in LA, come to the Jewish Federation at 6505 Wilshire Boulevard at 11AM. We will be protesting this craven capitulation of the Jewish Federation to Islamic supremacist Jew-haters.

In a jaw-dropping act of cowardice and submission, LA Federation is not allowing ZOA (Zionist Organization of America) to hold the event where I was scheduled to speak this morning.

Jewish leadership is on the trains and thinks we will go quietly. This is tragic. Imagine, without so much as firing a shot, they’re caving in to a Hamas front group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Hamas’s fundamental goal is the annihilation of Israel.

This mirrors Nazi Party Representatives attending a 1933 Berlin Jewish Community charity drive gathering — back on December 20, 1933, three thousand Jews attended the first official Jewish gathering in which uniformed Nazis participated. The mass meeting was arranged by the Berlin Jewish community to open the special campaign for winter relief. And we know how that worked out.

Is it any wonder that the American Jewish left has become a problem for Israel? Who are these people? What is their role? What is their mission? What’s the point of Jewish lay leadership if they submit before their executioners? Shame on our cowardly leadership for throwing one of our own under the bus. We expect that from kapos, not from proud Jews who should hold the freedom of speech as a fundamental Jewish value.

Proud Jews and lovers and free speech will be protesting outside the LA Jewish Federation building at 11 am, and another venue will be announced shortly.

Here is the ZOA’s statement on the cancellation:

Dear Guest of the Pamela Geller Event on June 24, 11 am.Thank you for coming out to hear one of America’s strongest voices for truth and reason.

Unfortunately, with just a few hours notice, the Jewish Federation has backed down on its agreement to let us host Ms. Geller in their conference room. The topic: “Islamic Jew Hatred as the Root Cause of Failure to Achieve Peace.” As tenants of the Jewish Federation, the ZOA has the privilege of using the conference room with advanced notice, which the ZOA has with secured with the management weeks in advance.

While the Jewish Federation has expressed security concerns (which in and of itself bespeaks the intimidation tactics of Muslim groups), we believe that the Jewish Federation has succumbed to political pressure by Muslim and Left-wing Jewish groups not to let a rational voice of criticism of Islam and its war against Israel be heard on its premises. These Muslim and Jewish groups have blown up the blogosphere with lies about Ms. Geller and harsh criticism of the ZOA for hosting her at the Jewish Federation.

This backing down is exactly the type of appeasing behavior that Muslims groups seek, and it effectively shuts down free speech.

We encourage you to stay with the ZOA outside the Jewish Federation building and protest this act of cowardice that only serves the Islamic agenda of shutting down free speech and fostering animosity between Jews, who must stay united during these dangerous times of assaults against Israel and Jews the world over.

We urge the Jewish Federation not to succumb to pressure and to act with honor, dignity, courage and reason by holding to its advance agreement to let the ZOA host its event at the Jewish Federation building.

The ZOA Team


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