Is Zayn Malik pimping Islam to young female fans?

One Direction’s Zayn ‘pimps for Islam’

ONE Direction singer Zayn Malik has been accused of “enticing jihad” and “pimping Islam to young female fans in an outrageous (?) online attack by a prominent US conservative.

Why is stating the obvious “outrageous?” 


Malik, who has a Pakistani father and an English mother, came under fire from influential right wing blogger Debbie Schlussel as the band tours the US.

In one of her blogs, Schlussel warned parents to “keep their daughters away” from the boyband, claiming Zayn, 19, had posted tweets for fans about Ramadan and Allah.

“The scary thing is that millions of girls in America and around the world are infatuated with the members of One Direction, including Malik.

“He knows the power he has over these mindless girls and is using that influence to preach the Islamic faith. It’s dangerous.”

She even attacked Zayn for wearing a keffiyeh – a cotton scarf – which she called “official garb of Islamic terrorism”.  (which it is)

“Keep your daughters away from Zayn Malik’s enticing jihad. With the boy band One Direction, it’s all about pimping Islam amid the deceptive visage of angelic, effeminate boys in a band.”

US playwright Wajahat Ali  (a Muslim Botherhood operative) rejected Schlussel’s claims, saying: “What we have seen in the last 10 years is that you can be an artist who is Muslim and can be practicing and doing art that is inspired by your beliefs, but does not have to be overtly Islamic or using religious language.

“A guy like Zayn Malik can really help open those minds and convey that as a generation we are moving ahead.”

Moving ahead to what? The caliphate?

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  1. he didn’t say nothing.. stop saying hting that isn’t real, Zayn has a religion, and he said that he feel ofended because people don’t accept his religion, so it isn’t possible that Zayn have even talk about that…. so please remove this information

  2. :/ im not a mindless girl and im pretty much pissed because ONE. he can say whatever he wants about his religion its not changing anything. Like i can post something about my religion most people aint gonna give a shit -.- so you can go do what ever but stop hating on something your not even sure of.

  3. Yeah so I guess he can just try to force girls to wear burka sacks and do honor killings and nobody should stop him. Take a long walk off a short pier do us all a favor.

  4. REALLY?? Has it come down to this?? Picking on a young boy at the height of his fame for the biggest fiction story of the year?? First of all, I’m not a mindless girl (2nd year Harvard). Second, you all are nothing but racist Islamphobes who know NOTHING about the religion. It’s racist pigs like you and the MINDLESS Debbie , whom the kids should be staying away from! So keep preaching your hate- I pity ALL you hate mongers with your PATHETIC lives.

  5. What do you not understand about Islam is not a race? If you don’t like someone’s opinion you have the right to go play on another website. What are the valuable contributions this brat is making to Islam? What is his opinion on verse 4:34 if he is really a Muslim?

  6. Warrior Princess,
    Second year Harvard – BIG DEAL!! Many here already have letters behind their names!!! The tone of your email is not the tone of an intelligent person. islam is not a race and an intelligent person has EVERY right to be critical of the behaviour of muslims: only an idiot (you) would try and suppress this discussion. Many here understand islam far more deeply than you ever will! You have also insulted your school with this email and I will send details of your post, and your name (yes – you can be traced) to the Harvard administration. Get a more intelligent moniker as well – SNIP

  7. Warrior Princess? Who gave you such a ridiculous and pretentious name? I’m glad to learn you’re a Nobel Laureate. I am myself an Olympic gold medalist, a DC comics Super Heroe and the first man to walk on Pluto.
    Apart from that, I also had the privilege de grow up in a muslim country. I belong to an ancient people invaded by Arab Muslims 13 centuries ago and I think I know what the islamic ideology is about. Definitely neither tolerance nor friendliness. It’s about total domination, submission and threat. Just move to Zayn Malik’s father’s Pakistan and check it out.

  8. First of all I’m Muslim too ad I think u people to quit gossiping all u people start is trouble u do it on purpose just to get publicity and btw I’m all the way with warrior princess shes right Quit turning little things in to such untruthful,stupid,and big deals P.S. Who cares zayn is 19years old going on to 20 don’t u think it’s a little childish to be making up stories of someone like him put yourself in tht person spot how do would u feel if someone making up stuff about u saying oh he’s just trying to pimp Islam to mindless girls you guys need to stop and I’m not gnna lay around and watch this happen so I’m asking u nicely take down your stupid blog

  9. Why would you post that I mean Islam is not a bad religion just because of what happened in 2001 doesn’t mean all Muslims are the same. Some of you guys say Muslims are bad because we killed people who did not follow our religion. You guys did the same thing, when you guys sent missionaries, so you can’t be talking. Let the boy believe what he wants to and do what he wants to. Just know at the end he is still famous and you can’t brake him down.

  10. Actually Christian missionaries did not kill – however armies sent by the Spanish Royal house did, as did the colonials. But missionaries – no.
    Do try to learn how to spell. And the lad is not famous – no doubt it will be gone soon.

  11. He didn’t do anything wrong. However Debbie is a disgrace to the human race. She’s an unedcated, prejudice, worthless bitch that needs to stop sharing her opinion to the world because it is a prejudice opinion and we do not live in a society anymore where people listen to prejudice and support it, unless you’re trash like her.

    Anyone who has anything bad to say about the religion is beyond uneducated, ignorant and prejudice themselves as well. It can sometimes take up to a decade to fully understand the religion. So she needs to go talk about something she actually is educated in, and also needs to beg for an apology by Zayn. I’m not even fan, but I am disgusted by this post. Its so bloody ironic this woman is American and a Conservative politics commentator. It makes total sense now.

  12. You’re an Iranian? What don’t you understand about music is haram in Islam? You know what take him to Punjab and don’t let the door kick you in the ass on the way out.

  13. @non of ur busniess -We don’t have to break him down. All we have to do is wait. Boy bands are like fruit flies, very short life span. Here today, gone tomorrow et voila, consigned to the dustbin of bad musical history, see boy band section.

    @Nissa, Don’t threaten us. We are not impressed. Don’t you have a cousin to prepare yourself for? I would say you have bigger problems then worrying about a silly boy band member.

    @Soroush-It is called free speech. You do not have to like it, but she is entitled to it. If your an Iranian, I suggest you focus on what the Iranian regimes does to it’s own citizens when they attempt to practice free speech. What was it, a few years ago? Oh yeah, shots to the head of it’s citizens.

    No one here buys the false narrative that Conservative equals racism, we know better, and we know our history. Go find a web site were the rubes will buy what your selling.

  14. Stop hating on him cuz he is muslim , u just hate us cuz of what ? huh ? we RESPECT u and ur religion &everything u do in it .u don’t see us coming and hating on u ! ..Just respect eachothers !

  15. What is it with the “b” word? If you people can’t talk with common sense courtesy and respect especially of girls (who are weaker) why do you deserve any respect from me or anyone… people like Souroush remind you of being bullied by a young stepbrother. And you proud “muslim” you don’t even notice the bad language??? Exactly how are you proving yourself to be a good muslim. Some of the other posters back up their opinions with Quran and hadeeth you don’t even do that. Pathetic.

  16. I agree with “red” – why should muslims get respect when they are incapable of respecting others???!!

  17. – I don’t understand why all of you won’t leave him alone. I’m a Muslim and I understand why Zayn is trying to let the world know that he’s Muslim. It because all of this shit people are saying about Muslims and how all of them are terrorists and what not. He’s trying to prove that it’s not true. That not all Muslims are like that. It’s stereotypical and not right. I think Zayn is trying to make a positive name for Muslims. So why don’t you all just leave him alone? He is obviously trying to make a statement and I doubt it’s “join me and the other Muslims as we fight and blow up the whole world HA-HA >:)”. If you think that is, then please for Allah’s sake leave him alone. And if you don’t care about Allah, astaghfirallah, then go die in a hole. All of this news is about how 3 Muslims got arrested for raping a Buddhist woman. There is no such thing as rape. No one said to go around wearing tight clothes, showing off your body, and exposing their self to get the attention of males. And when they get what they don’t want they complain. Not anyone’s fault but your own.

  18. You bunch of fucktards!! How dare you talk about islam and terrorism! Go take a look what America and christians did in Irak! Go on YouTube and watch how innocent people and children are being killed in Palestine! You have no right to talk about respect cause you dont even know what the word means! Just keep on hating on islam and muslims, it makes us happy and proud to know how afraid and worried you are lol proves that muslims are waaay better than all of you sad fucks! All you thinking about is how to bring muslims down when we dont even give a damn about your existence! Thumbs up, happy ramadan 🙂

  19. You are a fool baNana and you would not have wriiten a damn thing if the truth was not getting up your nostrils. Gee baNana – I am pretty sure that most of the civilian causualties in Iraq have been caused by muslims and their form of assymetric warfare. No children are being targeted in Gaza except those that are murdered by muslims. I guess you missed the story about the Syrian christian family who was murdered after watching their children being raped and then hung by muslim thugs. And the stupid muslims filmed it!!! Any casualities inflicted by the rather surgical Israeli strikes in Gaza are minimal and are caused because muslim terrorists place their fire bases in the middle of the civilian population. We are not scared of you and we are slowly coming to the sad realization that the only way for this planet to have progress, peace and prosperity if if we terminate the lot of you low IQ muslim ratbags. However, your demise is, ultimately , YOUR CHOICE. As for sad fucks – well every thing we see about the musilm world indicated that they are the sad, no pathetic, fucks. Enjoy your ramadan – not too many are left.

  20. @ Nana -Which Muslims would that be that you alleged are better then us, the ones that fuck chickens, camels or goats?

    Or is it the predatory Muslims that like to rape little girls or is it the ones that wipe their arse with their hands?

    No one here fears Islam. We find it repellent and those of us who chose to live in the 21st Centutry, find Islam backwards, abnormal and amoral.

    Kaw, is right, Muslims have blundered badly, better to have been in the West and under the radar, then to have our full attention. Now, that you have it and we are awake; the battle lines have been drawn, it is only a matter of time before you are all sent packing back to the antediluvian shitholes from which you came.

  21. Nana is a five yr old who doesn’t know it is haram. Time to go back to the corner you get no recess. Bye! Don’t come back now!

  22. reddog33 is a racist jelous idiot with no brain nd yh we all know ur a dog u dont ave to advertise it!!

    oh nd hill just cuz u use ur hands 2 wipe urself dont meand any1 else does so maybe u losers should just go get a lyf.

  23. Well I don’t get it . Just because he posted something about his religion doesn’t mean that he is trying to convert other people. Schlussel is a freak,guys your common sense . I totally disagree with what Schlussel said

  24. Look Guys, I’m a muslim girl and I LOVE ZAYN MALIK. But all of this is just… not real. Zayn is a muslim and he’s proud to be one so I think just because he follows his relogion AND still does what he loves (Singing) is something that all muslim and non muslim girls should look up to, and since he is a muslim and he has done ALOT of sins, like kissing non muslim girls before marrage, and smoking. Allah or god is forgiving so just everyone back off. Honestly I’m just like all of you, gushing over how HOT Zayn looks, but still I’m a muslim girl so I keep my distance. And so should all of you. He is like everyone else.

  25. Okay I just read all of your comments and, you guys are sooooooooo mean, look just look at America, its a mess you have people sewing their own kids, people divorcing for someone with more money, doing things with other people their not supposed to, and for crying out loud, YOU’RE TAKING AN INNOCENT BOY WHO HAS NEVER EVER DONE ANYTHING TO YOU, Just ’cause binladin was insane doesn’t mean all muslims are dilerios. For the record I’m only 11 and I have dreams to go Harvard and FIT, so you know what everyone get A LIFE, and stop obsessing over someone who NEVER EVER fall for a bunch of jerks like you. Remember Hitler, he did something horrible, lemmie guess know you gonna start hating your religion, CHRISTIANITY, look just because some knuckle head did something doesn’t mean ALL MUSLIMS ARE LIKE THAT! And by the way “Warrior Princess” you are so lucky that your in Harvard. and Second “Reddog” can you just get a life, and Shut up!

  26. Little anonymous teenybopper I am 21 years older than you if you come to my neighborhood you will get what you deserve for being a disrespectful twit and what’s more I’m telling your mommy and daddy what you do and your in big trouble when they take away your e net and take you to Saudi Arabia for the hajj where you will get your little ass pimped out

  27. This is why people are getting the wrong impression of Islam, because us Muslims are practically hating each other!! Now I know I might not be as old or as wise as some people on this site but at the moment I feel like I’m probably acting more mature that most people. To be quite honest I’m not a big fan of the band but they all seem like decent or semi decent lads and so what if Zayn tweeted about Ramadan or Allah SWT it’s not like he’s telling the girls to change religion. And all this argumenting we are doing here is just giving people an accuse to talk and say things about Islam. So before we all start complaining about what other people are doing or saying can we sort ourselves out please so we can be a united and like the religion we once were, a religion that people looked up to and respected? Please.

  28. @Anoymos,

    Darling, as an 11 year old child by the time you get to Harvard, you will be so embarrassed that you ever listened to this band and the band will be long forgotten and remembered by very few.

    Furthermore, here is a history lesson for you. Hitler was not a Christian, but he did like the Muslims. Hitler and Muslims do have several things in commons, can you guess what they are?

    Considering that you admit to being mindless, thus lacking intelligence, yes, indeed you could be an idiot and Harvard a very very unlikely possibility.

  29. I am muslim and most of the ppl i know are muslim and please stope hating us,we are normal people,how would you feel if muslims comtiously said christians suck ass?,huh,rply if you eant to and STOP, its making people want to kill themselves,like me,i cant go to one day of school without hearing Go and die and be with your precious god,and other insus,im seriously thinking about it,so if you want hundreds of youn muslims to di,you arethe terrorists
    Sorry for typos/mistakes Dani

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