Burma: Three Muslims Sentenced to Death for Rape and Murder of Buddhist Woman


As always, the enemedia paints the Muslims as victims who are ‘oppressed’, who suffer ‘injustice’ (as long as the law of the kafirs is not replaced by the sharia the Musel’s suffer injustice…)  the Burmese, however, didn’t get the PC message yet:

Two surviving defendants have seven days to appeal against sentence for crime that sparked wave of sectarian violence in Rakhine state.

Three Muslim men who were accused of raping and killing a woman have been sentenced to death by a district court in Kyaukphyu, western Myanmar.  Htet Htet, Mahmud Rawphi, and Khochi also known as Myint Swe, raped and killed Thida Htwe, 27 on 28 May in Rakhine state, a court heard.

Htet Htet, who was accused of masterminding the murder, committed suicide in jail last week but was sentenced posthumously.

The death of the woman, who was a Buddhist, heightened existing religious and ethnic tensions and led to a series of violent sectarian attacks in the region. The accused belonged to the Rohingya tribe and were Muslim.

A mob of about 300 people attacked a bus on 3 June and killed 10 Muslim Rohingya pilgrims.

More ethnic clashes erupted, leading to the deaths of up to 50 people. More than 1,662 homes were destroyed and over 30,000 people displaced.

Human Rights Watch and other groups have sounded warnings about long-standing divisions and sectarian tensions between the Rohingya people and the Burmese authorities.

“For decades, the Rohingya have routinely suffered abuses by the Burmese army, including extrajudicial killings, forced labour, land confiscation and restricted freedom of movement,” HRW said.

Others activists have warned against continuing state-sponsored violence, after mass arrests of Rohingya men were reported in the north of the state.

Chris Lewa, director of the Arakan Project, a research-based advocacy group monitoring the Rohingya situation, told the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB): “There is no longer communal violence in Maungdaw – this is state-sponsored violence.

“The situation has got really bad. The army have been conducting mass arrest of young Rohingya males. Some people have seen them transported in trucks in handcuffs and blindfolded and the worst is that no one knows why,” she said.

Lew told DVB that hundreds of young men trying to flee across the border to Bangladesh had been blocked from entering the country by Bangladeshi authorities.

Rawphi and Khochi have seven days to appeal against the ruling but the case still needs to be presented to the supreme court for a final decision, DVB reported.

No executions are known to have been carried out in Myanmar since at least 1988.

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26 thoughts on “Burma: Three Muslims Sentenced to Death for Rape and Murder of Buddhist Woman”

  1. Sheik,
    Out of respect for the young lady from Myanmar whose life ws stolen by muslim creeps would you be willing to take the picture down? I don’t think much is served by keeping it up but of course I defer to your decision.

  2. Rohingyas?

    So they are Muslims out of Bangladesh.

    Wherever Muslims are allowed or they slink in, murder and rape is sure to follow.

    Norway has won the big deal with Somalis. Good luck Norway.

  3. Lew told DVB that hundreds of young men trying to flee across the border to Bangladesh had been blocked from entering the country by Bangladeshi authorities.

    Stands to reason – Bangladesh like any Muslim country, is in the business of exporting Jihadis.

  4. People need to see, be horrified at what these devils do. People need to be haunted by the nightmare of it. The Christian schoolgirls slaughtered in Indonesia brought many out of their cosy ignorance because of the pictures, words people can forget too easily.

  5. كالعاده يتهم العالم المسلمين بالارهاب .ولكن الحقيقه هى ان العالم هو من يصدر الارهاب للمسلمين فكريا و تمويليا و اكبر دليل على ذلك هو العراق هل و جد الامريكيون الاسلحه النوويه التى زعموا وجودها بالطبع لا ولكنهم وجدوا ما يريدونه و هو البترول الماده التى ادمنها العالم من اجل هذا يحافظ الغرب على الارهاب و يحافظ على اسرائيل .انا مصرى و مسلم لذلك انا اكره السياسه الاسرائيليه و ليس الشعب الاسرائيلي و نحن الشعب المصرى قمنا بثوره .ليس مثلكم تسمعون و تصدقون انكم تعيشو فى ديموقراطيه .ولكن صدقونى انتم فى حلم كبير
    السماح بالكتابة بحسب النطق الصوتي
    As usual, accuses the world of Muslims with terrorism. But the truth is that the world is one of the export terrorism to Muslims intellectually and funding and the biggest proof of this is Iraq is, and very American nuclear weapons, which they claimed their presence, of course not, but they have found what they want and is a petroleum substance that Adinmha the world for This maintains the West on terrorism and maintain Israel. I am Egyptian and Muslim, so I hate the Israeli policy and not the Israeli people and the Egyptian people we’ve revolution. not like you hear and believe that you are in a democratic Taicho. but believe me you are in a big dream

  6. Muhammed,
    They may be bad muslims, but who gets to decide this? Religion is a human concept – not a divine concept – and islam is not really a religion but an all-encompassing social system designed to control populations through fear. There is NO interpretation of the quran that is a universal interpretation, largely because the quran was designed as a weapon and not an instrument of faith. Until muslims clean up their mess they can never be trusted. So you call them bad, they call you bad, you both call non-musilms bad and the game goes on. You people will never seize world power, but you are very close to extinction and if you do become extinct it will be because of what the followers of islam are doing to others. I suggest, very strongly, that you start” cleaning up your home” first.

    You are a fool. Israel is the only country in the region which treats all on a equal footing. Egypt discriminates strongly against non-muslims.
    Israel has made countless and significant advances in science, the arts and other fields of human endeavour which have been made available to the arab mainstream. The arab mainstream has repayed this dynamic and innovative country (Israel) with threats, violence and with lies. I suggest you look at yourself for the cause of your problems. Try and think, rather than blaming all others for your problems. You are an islamist, and as such you have demonstrated an inability to use your brain for thought. Please learn to use your brain before commenting here again.

  7. May God , Blacken The Face Of These Hypocrite Saudi Arabs .. Every Muslims Now Have Become Sure That Theses Arab Saudi Pigs Are Nothing But Animals , No Mercy In Their Heart , With No Difference With Buddhist Terrorists !! They Can Do Anything To Stop !! They Have Money , They Have Weapons !! But No Reaction??? May God Blacken Their Face !!

  8. I just luv the way how people can get away with injustice to others . Can they tear open their hearts too and see what’s in it before the killing. s ? If what these accusers are saying is true then where’s the blood puddings
    Proofs. How Ignorance of small minds can supply a caravan of souls for their own takings and of other tangible benefits for one another. I hope the trading and selling of body parts has a great deal to play here cause there’s so much extra for everyone to feed off but whys the media backing off? We luv the attentions. Thanks again for your time as it is so precious. Looking froward for the arrival of souls

  9. this is just fake news. this Buddhists are killing all this Muslim man and women and raping them. we are telling them stop doing this violence other wise Muslim world will come against Myanmar and that would be bad for poor slums Myanmar people.

  10. rofl.. If Islam is applied to Islam it’s called genocide. I fell off chair when the muslim guys said in a vid that the Buddhists wanted them to shave their heads and be Buddhists.. May be the world has found cure to islam. Treat Islam with it’s own vendetta.

    1. Not. That’s merely projection. Just like saying ‘Germans want muslims to drink beer and give up their culture…’ it always boils down to accusing the accuser. If you read it correctly you’ll find muslims are always guilty of what they accuse their accusers of…..

  11. killers are just killers they are not killers because of the religion they belong to, im sure every religion condemns hurting innocent people, when people commit such crimes like the crimes committed on this poor women it is because they are disobeying their religion not following it. As for the islamic religion it protects women and thats why a women is always advised to have a protector when she travels because of the evil that exists. We need to stop punishing majorities for what evil minorities do.

  12. Death to the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, Leaders of Islamic Countries “Except Turhisk” Death to The Leaders of World Powers who are Silently Watching the brutalities in BURMA.

  13. I think no religious allow anyone to kill other person. If one person has done mistake so it doesn’t mean we will kill 1000 of innocent people. Then what is deference between them. We all are human, life is precious and its Devine gift we should respect and care of it simultaneously other as well.
    I request everyone in this world please STOP killing each other.

  14. Imaan,
    Stop the dihonesty – “islam protect women ” – NO IT DOES NOT!!!! It restricts and enslaves them and you are a great example of how one’s thinking abilities dissappear when infected with islam. Muslims are always guilty of what they accuse others of.

  15. Kaw ,

    You have no right to comment on what you don’t know about. Get yourself some time and study about ISLAM. You said ISLAM is not a religion, because it is not just a religion its a complete code of LIFE both individual and social. Islam never spread through FEAR, so how could it control people through fear.
    Secondly, about QURAN. Its interpretation is for all times. It wasn’t DESIGNED or WRITTEN by any human. These are the words of ALLAH almighty (but since u dont believe in ISLAM it wont matter to u). Many of the things that science is discovering today had already been written in QURAN some 1400 years back, this fact alone is enough to prove my point. And also it is the ONLY book to be in its original edition, not a single word changed, even after several 100 years.
    About MUSLIMS, here unfortunately u r so RIGHT. We ourselves are responsible for how we r being treated. Fighting among ourselves, not obeying to wht ISLAM and QURAN has taught us. We really need to clean ourselves, follow the right path then we wont need to rule the world ISLAM itself would spread and conquer the world. ISLAM is a relegion of LOVE and PEACE.

    So, I humbly suggest, u should read and try understand what ISLAM and QURAN has to say before you comment on it.

  16. Mufasa,
    I suggest that you study islam and the behavior of those that practiise it. It is clear that you do not understand what you think you have understood. The quran was not written by a supernatural being, it was written by the followers of a violent rapist and child molester. The fact that you have accepted your ludicrous statement is a testment of your faith, which is manifestly NOT the truth. Nothing of what we have laboured to uncover in Science exists in the quran – nothing!! You (muslims) have simply taken cryptic messages within the quran and reinterpreated within the light of what real science has uncovered – nothing more. The quran has never been used as a serious scientific research instrument and it never can be because it is simply a collecteion of plaguarised elements from the old testament and other sources. God’s word – I doubt it – not unless he is a retarded intellect like most muslims. What an insult to God to have the dribble that is found in the quran being held as “holy”. . I have studied the quran and I have studied its adherents, and I find NOTHING even remotely uplifting about its philosophy (it is not, strictly speaking a religion) or its believers. It is quite easy to see how it controls through fear – simply look at the training of muslim children from childhood till puberty – after this the child is reduced to a brain dead automaton driven by fear of a mythical being and its co-religionists. What drives islam is conflict and fear and Geroge Orwells book “1984” describes islam better than communisim! But this book is beyond your primitive understanding. We understand you far better than you understand yourselves, and you are (intellectually) nothing more that children. I forcefully suggest that you try and become intelligent before telling us what we should study – we passed your level of intellect a very long time ago and you are not progressing. If any thing, your message suggests very strongly that you are an unthinking, unintelligent fool who is incapable of thinking out of the exceedingly narrow framework imposed by the quran and hadiths and , consequently, that you are capable of extreme unjustified violence at the slightest imagined provocation. Unlike you we protect all human life , even the wasteful and violent group to which you belong. Now I suggest that you grow a brain!!! Islam is not a religion of love and peace – it is a violent tool of conquest devised by a desert arab who raped small children – end of story.

  17. kaw,

    You stupid don’t say a single words about Islam,you are not capable to say anything about Islam,
    what you said in your previous comments,you will realize your mistake very soon & you have to pay for your stupid & fool comments very soon

  18. Well, in my opinion, islam is the dog-crap of the world. How do you like that for a bit of truth, you pair (Rijwan-ker & ass-ish) of disk-wits!

    Will your allah forgive me? I don’t want or need forgiveness from that evil moon-god, OK?

  19. Rijwan,
    Thank you demonstrating again how stupuid you muslims are. Do not threaten again you islamic twit, because we might take you seriously and you will be visiting your 72 abused camels if this happens. You cannot think, you scare no one, and please, please give us an excuse to destroy you.

  20. asish.
    Any why not – if you cannot think that does not mean that others should also turn their minds off. Use you brain idiot – despite what islam tells you, you do have one!!!

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