Israel's Attitude

From fear to fortune: Tel Aviv’s attitude

Israel’s largest city is bordered on all sides by danger, but its residents now seem more focused on its beaches, bars, and booming high-tech industry. Bob Simon reports.

Olympic Gold Medal for Lying and Sanctimony Goes to…

Not a minute for Jews:

And so, then years later, instead of being remembered and mourned, the Israeli athletes who were killed for political reasons are being shoved aside for political reasons by the very people who claim to put sports before politics.

Pali TV airs show praising the two Muslim murderers of the Israeli Fogel family  (BNI)


Pali television aired an interview with the relatives of the Fogel family murderers earlier this month, praising the two cousins convicted with the brutal attack as “heroes.”

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  1. Only a muslim would hold a cowardly murderer as a hero. and why not?! After all, they are following their profit.

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