Jew-hatin' anti-Semite to lecture at Jewish founded Monash University about 'the enemies of Allah'- the Jews!

Dr Tariq al Suwaidan is the Muslim Brotherhood headbanger in chief  of Kuwait.

Andrew Bolt

Go to Monash Uni for another lecture on “the enemies of Allah”

Just the kind of modern anti-Semite you’d now expect to feature on our university campuses:

ONE of the Muslim world’s best-known and most successful motivational speakers, Tareq Al Suwaidan, is about to start another tour of Australia, following a sell-out visit two years ago…

His opening address, this Saturday, will be at the Robert Blackwood hall at Monash University in Melbourne, before further lectures in Melbourne and Sydney, finishing on June 18…

Dr Suwaidan – who lectures in English in Australia – is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kuwait, and general manager of Al-Resalah (The Message), an Arabic language satellite TV station funded by Prince al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia….

In an interview for Al-Quds, a TV station affiliated with Hamas, he said 10 weeks ago: “I can change the positions of some Westerners, but at the end of the day, power lies with the politicians, who are influenced by two things only: money and the media, both of which are controlled by the Jews.

“So we must not rely on Western aid or on Western popular sympathy. These are minor things. We rely upon Allah and then upon our armed resistance in obtaining our rights.”

He said his foremost cause is that of Palestine and Jerusalem. “The most dangerous thing facing the Muslims is not the (Arab) dictatorships. The absolutely most dangerous thing is the Jews. They are the greatest enemy.”

Monash University is happy to have this man use its hall?
(The lecture above was given in Sydney last year. Listen from 1:51 for a bracing rant, including an attack on “the enemies of Allah – the Jews”.)


Reader the Old and Unimproved Dave adds:

Andrew, I’m afraid you’ve made a glaring omission in your commentary here about this travesty at Monash University.

“General Sir John Monash was born in Dudley Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, on 27 June 1865, the son of Louis Monash and his wife Bertha, née Manasse.Both parents were Jews from Germany (the family name was originally spelt Monasch and pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable)…..”

23 thoughts on “Jew-hatin' anti-Semite to lecture at Jewish founded Monash University about 'the enemies of Allah'- the Jews!”

  1. I went to Suwaidans lecture at Monash last Saturday, I think his “doctorate” possibly came through the mail, like many so called doctorates do in the US, bought for the right money of which Suwaidan makes more than $1,000,000 a year from his very sub standard ” lectures” which are really just “dawah” ( mission) and propaganda for Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinians, and Hamas..He addressed his audience , 99% predominantly muslim, and a handful of kuffar such as myself, in very simplistic terms, obviously catering to the lower educational level of the average muslim present. Segregation of the sexes was the order of the day in the seating arrangements, an area named BROTHERS was at the front for the men and women such as myself were expected to sit at the back with the SISTERS..when a few of us objected strongly to SEGREGATION, as some of the kuffar were with their husbands etc, there was much fuss made by a hijabed feminazi, and security was called to remove us to the required area..when it was pointed out that this was a PUBLIC meeting, we had paid admittance and no mention of segregation of the sexes was in the advertising blurb for the ” lecture” they realized we were prepared to make it known , which would not put Islam and Suwaidan, a supposed “moderate”, in a good light. So we were allowed to remain seated with partners, and the very long boring lecture proceeded, denigration of the West in general , and women praised for wearing hijab as a sign of honour as strong muslim women who rejected western values, and consumerism.. yawwwwn, it was a very loooong evening, as we as a culture were relegated to the ranks of unacceptability, and corruptness, with a “rambo” mentality of oppressive power from which Islam delivers the enslaved masses and brings them into the light..Also many thanks were extended to dhimmi Immigratiom Minister Chris Bowen for fast tracking Suwaidans Visa, seems if you are a wealthy Kuwaiti Islamist, the halls of power are open to you…well done Mr Bowen, Suwaidan teaches SEPARATION, NOT INTEGRATION, you multi culti fool..Suwaidan also didnt miss an opportunity to condemn Israel as ” occupiers” who he claims the whole world condemns as occupiers also.. what an evil man with a glib tongue speaking smooth lies.. it was an interesting insight into Islam and the compliant sheeplike mentality of muslims who never query a thing , Suwaidan made outrageous statements without giving one source except from the Quran,, A ” lecturer ” and academic he certainly is not!

  2. Thanks Aussie Girl – folks time that Bowen is kicked out of government – folks – start writing!!!

  3. @aussiegirl,

    Thanks for sharing, your experience it was very interesting reading. I commend your patience for going and actually sitting through his lecture.

    Also, I really like your point that the lecture was in a public forum and segregation was not advertised. That was a great point, I admire that you refused to be segregated. Good for you. I am going to tuck your strong argument against segregation away for future reference.

  4. And almost on the anniversary of his birth 27th June.

    Who the bloody hell lets these people into our country?

    To be honest, I think WE DO.

    We are not vocal or active enough. Too easy to sit at the laptop but too difficult to get out there and demonstrate.

    APP had a demo in Sydney next Saturday 12 to 3pm. If possible, be there. Remember the burqu boys who hit Sydney a few weeks ago and went unchallenged throughout the city, banks and all and got to NSW Parliament House before being stopped. Go to APP site for more detail. Thank you Sheik.

  5. This man lived and studied in the United States, having received a B.S. in petroleum and natural gas engineering from University of Pennsylvania and an M.Sc. and Ph.D. in petroleum engineering from the University of Tulsa, hardly mail order degrees and not on the Homeland Security terrorist list.

    I haven’t been to any of his lectures and have no desire to attend, but as Australians we believe in democracy and free speech as is evidenced by Monash allowing him to lecture.

    1. Richard, he may not be on the Homeland Security terrorist list, but what does that mean?

      His degrees are irrelevant when he spreads a genocidal doctrine of hatred against Jews.

      If you believe in democracy and free speech its high time you get involved and defend it, because Gillard, Conroy and a few other unelected commies who rule over us are hellbent to take it away from us.

      I have no intention to steal the thunder of this anti-semitic moron, may he stew in his hatred and may his supporters drown in it. However: I object when Monash, a Jewish founded university, provides a soapbox for his hatred without having a someone at hand who can put him in his place.

      Chew on that!

  6. Are you guys serious?
    What amazes me is how you guys think so badly of everyone that isn’t like you, so quick to yell extremist. Do you seriously think that if anything they said about him was true the Jewish lobby in Australia wouldn’t have spoken out already?
    Think logically people.
    Btw, your website is very disrespectful. Particularly the sheikyermam character and blurb. There’s a clear line between having serious discussions about real issues, speaking the truth, and being straight up disrespectful. Some role model Aussie citizens you guys are.

    1. Hisham, we are serious.

      We state well established facts, so who are you to come here and deny it? You blame the “Jewish Lobby” for Islamic Jew hatred?

      Thinking logically is something that Mohammedans lack entirely.

      If you find this website ‘disrespectful’ why don’t you let us know what the soldiers of allah have done to make Australia a better place and for what exactly you claim respect?

      Who exactly has drawn this “clear line” you are raving about? What are your ‘real issues’ and what is your “truth?”

      If you are looking for a role model we are happy to help. Hint: its not Muhammad.

      If you can accept that, we can move on and have a serious discussion, Hisham.


  7. Sheikhyermami, again, great disrespect shown in your comments.
    You don’t know anything about what the Dr said before or after those clips that were cropped from his interviews. Literally one line was taken out.
    You made reference to democracy in your last comment. If you believe in its values as applicable in Australia, then I suggest you start basing your comments on facts and not speculative accusations made by a proven racist.
    And again, the fact that no government or Jewish body is speaking out against his presence in the country should tell you something.
    Good luck with your online Crusade, you’re making a world of difference to our society.

    1. Hisham, if you want respect without earning it you have come to the wrong place.

      Yes, “the fact that no government or Jewish body is speaking out against his presence in the country should tell you something.”

      Yes, it tells me that freedom of speech is in a bad way in the country and the fact that you don’t like what we have to say just confirms that we have more Islamo-panderers than those who are willing to stand up for our rights, our freedom and the future of this nation.

      “Speculative accusations made by a proven racist?”

      I don’t know what you’re referring to. What we put up here is based on proven facts and not on speculation. Who is that “proven racist” you have issues with?

      Thanks for wishing us luck; and yes, we are making a world of difference to our society.


  8. LOL!

    It’s interesting the way I say one thing and then you say that I’m blaming the Jewish lobby for ‘Islamic Jew hatred’. If you read my post properly you’d know that I’m claiming that Dr Tariq isn’t an anti-smite, or at least there’s no proof to suggest he is. Like I said, the article you’ve posted proves nothing.

    Who are Mohammedans? It’s called Islam mate. Come out of your colonialist mind set.

    Who are you referring to by “Soldiers of Allah?” Are you referring to Muslims? Because sorry I wasn’t aware that there was a group in Australia called “Soldiers of Allah”.

    The fact that other people (that I’ve never heard of) haven’t worked to make Australia a better place doesn’t mean that you too should set your standards so low.

    The clear line is the Sheikhyermami blurb that you’ve written on the other page, as well as the character cartoon. If that fits into the description of respectful, then I don’t know what disrespectful is.

    Real issues. Look at this video for me.
    And that’s just the beginning.

    Accept what? You’ve just claimed that Muhammad isn’t a good role model and I’m expected to believe you. Again, you’ve failed to explain why. Perhaps you hold your own statements in high esteem, but I’m sorry, I don’t feel the same way.

    Logic requires proof. So please, don’t begin to describe who has and who hasn’t any logic when you yourself have failed to display it.

    Ready when you are 🙂

    1. Hisham, you’re wasting your time and you are wasting mine.

      Tariq al Suwaidan is the Muslim Brotherhood top dog in Kuwait.

      He is promoting antisemitism and the restoration of the caliphate. You support him and his cause, so why try to argue with me about the profits beard?

      Tell me: what is the motto of the MuBro’s?

      “Who are Mohammedans? It’s called Islam mate. Come out of your colonialist mind set.”

      Not a chance. I studied Mohammedanism for a great deal of my life and my ‘colonialist mind set’ is formed by wasted years of studying Koran, sira & hadith. I lived, worked and traveled in many muselmanic countries and I have seen more than I wanted to see and learned more than I wanted to learn. I say what I say for a reason.

      Check your mental baggage, Hisham! Come out of the 7th century! Forget sharia, jihad, dhimmitude and conquest of infidel lands, then we can talk.

      Is not every Muselman a soldier of allah? If you are a member of the MuBro’s is your religious duty not to remove all obstacles and hindrances to sharia? Why argue about it when it is the fundamental principle of what you call ‘religion?’

      “people blah blah … making Australia a better place doesn’t mean that you too should set your standards so low.”

      My standards are not low, quite the contrary. A civil society doesn’t function according to Islamic principles. Retarded Islamic standards and the warped morality that comes with it are based on the destruction of the host country.

      Andrew Bolt is not a ‘racist’, he correctly pointed out that there are white people who have never suffered discrimination because of skin colour and and using some fictional Aboriginal ancestry to jump on a gravy train of benefits is offensive and scandalous. These people should be in the dock for fraud.

      The idiotic ‘hate-speech’ laws in Australia create a lot of injustice and destroy the freedom of speech which is the foundation of our society.

      I’m done with explaining to you that respect has to be earned. We don’t live under Mohammedan rule where you can claim ‘respect me or else’- and FYI: I will not submit, if that’s what you aim for.

      You can find some 16000 blog posts here on this blog that explain the exploits of Muhammad, your mass-murderding, philandering, slave-trading war-lord whom you call a ‘good role-model’.

      Proof? Logic? Reason? You don’t find any of it in Islam, Hisham.

      Truth and proof when arguing with Mohammedans is like nailing jelly to the wall.

      Your logic is “the Koran is the word of allah because it says so in the Koran”-

      You think I’m going to argue about such retarded reasoning?

      Been there, done it. Give me something new, something that impresses me!

      What have you done to make Australia a better place? What have Muslims, or call it Islam if you must, done to make Australia a better place?


  9. Interesting. You’re yet to prove that Dr Tariq is an extremist or Jew Hating Islamist. Until you can prove that, the claims you’ve made about me not willing to stand up for rights, freedom etc. have no basis.

    The proven racist I’m referring to is Andrew Bolt. Please see the article here

    After all, this outlook on Dr. Tariq has only emerged due to his accusations about him i.e. the article you posted above.

    How is it that you post an article from someone you know nothing about? It seems to suggest that you surf the net searching for sources that support your unbalanced views. You can find anything on the internet, which probably works well for your website and alias.

    Again, please read carefully. I’m not requesting respect for myself. So no, I haven’t come here looking for respect. Perhaps a fair go, which is the least anyone deserves.

  10. Hisham,
    Do you really think we are not capable of competently assessing muslims!!?
    ? Most of us are significantly brighter than you and we have given you and your ilk much more of a fair go that you and your ilk have given anyone else.
    While I do not necessarily agree with Sheik I can confidently say that his arguments have more logic and reason than anything you moronic invaders have provided. You represent a clear and present danger to my country and to many others – and it is about time that we shut you thugs down.

  11. I think you meant prophet, not profit.

    FYI – every Muslim supports the restoration of the Caliphate. How a people choose to rule their lands is up to them. Get out of your orientalist mindset. So what if Muslims want Sharia in their own lands? The only way it will happen is if the people decide they want it anyway, which according to democracy is the way a government should be elected. So relax champ, no ones calling for your home to become a Muslim land.

    Again, you say he’s supporting Antisemitism, the only thing I’ve asked you to do in every post is to prove that point. Yet you continually fail to do so. Instead you draw the readers attention to your hateful propaganda. Not cool yermami, not cool at all.

    You studied Islam did you? I actually wouldn’t have guest. Your website seems very uninformed of Islam, or perhaps just misinformed. Or maybe its just fear of the other. I can only hope that one day you have the opportunity to understand Islam for what it really is

    What you’ve suggested me to do is wrong in so many ways. It proves you have a problem with people that have a different set of beliefs to your own. But more then that, you won’t converse with me until I empty my mind and am open to your brainwashing. We live in the 21st Century. Society has progressed and is open to the exchange of ideas. Unfortunately, it seems part of the world has been left behind, your website regrettably amongst them.

    Yes Islam does teach us to work toward establishing Shariah, but like I said its on Muslim lands. So again, relax. And once again, what do you mean by Soldier of Allah? You’re the first person I’ve heard repeat this phrase in such a manner.

    I’m glad you brought up Islamic principles. Please tell me what the Islamic societal principles are? Since you’ve studied Islam it shouldn’t be hard to answer. Destruction of the host country? Again, a foreign concept to me. Please provide evidence to support your claim.

    I haven’t asked you to submit, and no ones asking you to. You sound quite paranoid about it. Take deep breaths, it might assist.

    Yes and indeed Muhammad was a great role model. Let me ask you, from where did innocent until proven guilty come to Europe from? From where did womens rights to Europe come from? From where did the idea of legal and cultural pluralism come from? From where did the idea of animal rights come to Europe from? These are all from the teachings of the Prophet Pbuh.

    Lets broaden your question, to what has Islam given the world, Australia included. Besides the examples mentioned above, I suggest you look into philosophy, medicine, maths, poetry, universities, hygiene etc. Please tell me how we came to know all these arts, sciences and systems today? It was through the Muslims. But I guess as a person who claims to have studied Islam you would already know that. So don’t tell me that Islam hasn’t contributed to Australia. For if it weren’t for Islam, the developments of the world today, Australia included, would not have been possible. Who pulled Europe out of the dark ages?

    To finish off. You said that Muslims follow retarded thinking and neglect logic, because their logic is that “the Koran is the word of allah because it says so in the Koran”. That’s incorrect. We believe in the Quran because its proven beyond doubt to be true. The miraculous nature of the Quran has been preserved until this very day for anyone who is sincere to observe for their own. I’m sure you can agree that if you prove the Quran to be true, then logic tells you that you’d be retarded not to follow what it says. I’d be happy to direct you to the Qurans miracles if you’re truly sincere about speaking the truth regarding Islam.

    “No one is born blistering with hate and outrage, and often what appears to be hate is in reality thinly concealed fear. The only ethically acceptable choice is to seek to understand.”

    1. Hisham:

      I think you meant prophet, not profit.

      No, I meant profit as in profiteer. Muhammad got 20% from the raids on the Jewish tribes of Arabia, did he not? As a bandit, he was a profiteer. Muhammad was no prophet. It is an insult to humanity that you worship a criminal warlord, a mass-murderer and a sexual deviant.

      FYI – every Muslim supports the restoration of the Caliphate. How a people choose to rule their lands is up to them. Get out of your orientalist mindset. So what if Muslims want Sharia in their own lands? The only way it will happen is if the people decide they want it anyway, which according to democracy is the way a government should be elected. So relax champ, no ones calling for your home to become a Muslim land.

      “Every Muslim?” So you know what every Muslim supports? You must be a genius like John Esposito, Dalia Mogahed and the unhinged ex-nun Koran Armstrong! FYI: I happen to know quite a few muslims and ex-muslims who are horrified at the prospect of having to live in a sharia state.

      But you are a liar, Hisham. Why is it so hard for you to tell the truth? Afraid to give the game away?

      The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

      So you are telling me to relax? You are telling me that there is “no one calling for your home to become a Muslim land.”

      This is your religious obligation, Hisham. This is your purpose for living (and dying in the way of allah) Hisham. Why deny it? Why not be proud of it?

      Looks like fewer Americans are relaxing these days, some smell the coffee>>

      Apart from that there is hardly a Muslim country on earth where the people get to choose anything. Mohammedanism is despotism, always was, always will be. In the countries where people are brainwashed and indoctrinated with the mores of Islam, ignorance, superstition, inshallah fatalism, poverty and illiteracy are a package deal. All Islamic countries are either basket cases or failed states. Oh yes, do include the Gulf states which finance the global jihad. Their fantastic wealth stems from a geological accident; their wealth stems from oil which we found, drill, transport and refine. The bombastic development of Dubai, Bahrain, Jeddah or Mecca is not because of their ability, its because we do it for them, you call that achievement?

      Oh, and you couldn’t resist to bring up the mythical ‘golden age’, the ludicrous claims of ‘Christians & Jews lived peacefully together under Islam (of course) which is how it has to be, which makes you a certified islamic supremacist. You guys are good: the hubris! The chutzpah! The demand on us to accept totally unproven claims of islamic inventions and the fairytales about how Mohammedans, noble Arab savages (no less) saved western civilisation the combined knowledge of the Greeks, Romans and the Orient! Fantastic stories, all of them. Sadly, they are not true. None of them are. In 1400 years of Mohammedan history, you have destroyed far better cultures and civilisations, you have stolen what you could steal, you raped, plundered and enslaved; you have committed genocide after genocide and whenever you conquered a country, you have turned it into a dungeon of despair.

      Wherever Islamic psychology rules, there is the inevitable rule of despotism and criminal aggression. You live in a world of illusion, perturbed by attacks of inferiority complexes and megalomania, lost in dreams of jihad conquest and booty. You are stuck with a totalitarian conception of the world, a passion for murder deeply rooted in the blood. You are driven by a warped sense of honour that makes you kill your own sons and daughters, fathers and mothers if you fear they could leave Islam or expose you to ridicule from your clans or neighbours, you call that civilisation?

      You suffer from a lack of logic, you live in a world of absurd conspiracy theories, of easily inflamed brains, of boasting and absurd claims, and above all: the blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilized world… your reactions — to anything — have nothing to do with good sense.

      “They are all emotion, unbalanced, instantaneous, senseless. It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throat.” (Dr A. Carlebach)

      I believe 5 Nobel prices have been given to Mohammedans, which includes the one given to Hussein Obama, who had nothing to show for but ‘hope’n change’. Then there was one to Yasser Arafartbastard, one of the worst terrorists ever (may Satan roast his ass with gusto and stick a fork in it), and the other three were also undeserved, but merely given to make Mohammedans feel better. Contrast that with over 170 Nobel prices for Jews who have helped to make the world a better place!

      Yussuf al Qaradawi and other clerics from the MB have declared that the sharia should be implemented gradually, the people must be gradually driven out of their minds to accept the worst crimes against them as ‘law’- and you want to sell barbarity as democracy? You have no concept of democracy, most of you can’t even spell it! You have no concept of an orderly society, all you can do is terrorise and barbarize a people and whack them into submission.

      Spare me the ‘relax champ’ and don’t tell me that muselmaniacs are not calling for my home to become a muslim land. If according to you ‘every muslim wants the caliphate (and lets say I believe you) then I better see the ugly reality for what it is, and I have seen enough.

      If you keep insulting my intelligence with claptrap like this

      You studied Islam did you? I actually wouldn’t have guest. Your website seems very uninformed of Islam, or perhaps just misinformed. Or maybe its just fear of the other. I can only hope that one day you have the opportunity to understand Islam for what it really is

      I will simply click the trash button, Hisham. The world is full with misunderstanders of Islam, and it seems that 99.9% of them can be found in the mosques. If you find me uninformed, you are free to pick anything from this website that is false or wrong and I will correct it. If you want to convince me that ‘kill the unbelievers’ means ‘give your fellow Jew a hug’ you came to the wrong address.

      “Again, you say he’s supporting Antisemitism, the only thing I’ve asked you to do in every post is to prove that point. Yet you continually fail to do so. Instead you draw the readers attention to your hateful propaganda. Not cool yermami, not cool at all.”

      Hisham, I’m not going to chew the couscous for you. I don’t have a habit of failing in anything I do, neither do I have a religion that has ‘failure’ written all over it.

      You know very well that Brother Tareq is a raving lunatic who’s hateful rants against Jews are well documented and recorded. I gave you a link, look it up for yourself.

      What do you think this is:

      “The most dangerous thing facing the Muslims is not the dictatorships. The absolutely most dangerous thing is the Jews. They are the most dangerous. They are the greatest enemy.”

      Genocide is a muselmanic tradition, murdering Jews is the key to Muhammads bordello in the sky. Thanks, but no thanks. And you accuse me of “hateful propaganda?’

      There’s a lot more where that came from. Suwaida and you are working towards the caliphate, you want sharia, you are both hardcore da’awa merchants and you are out to deceive unsuspecting infidels, you are out to pull the Islamic wool over the eyes and ears of those who give you the benefit of the doubt.

      FYI: I happen to know Tareq Al-Suweidan from Copenhagen when he tried to intimidate the Danes during the Motoon racket. His performance was close to a meltdown, it was impossible for him to contain his hatred. He was spewing poison. Indeed a memorable, performance which I still have on video, I might post it later.

      Perhaps I get back to you later, for now this is enough.

  12. Kaw, I don’t know what you’re capable of because I don’t know you. Although, I assume that you very much are capable. I do not doubt your intelligence.
    But I do think it’s clear that you don’t understand Islam, you’ve been misinformed. I’m Muslim and all these attitudes and accusations you throw at Islam, I can tell you for a fact are either a) incorrect, or b) misunderstood.

    You think that as a Muslim I’m out to force you into submission or to kill you. When in fact I’ve never physically harmed anyone in my life, nor have I forced anyone to do anything.
    And it’s not because I’m a bad or ‘moderate’ believer. But it’s because I excel to be a firm believer and adhere to the Quran and Prophet Muhammad.
    Let me ask you all a question, how many Muslims do you actually know. Not walked past or saw on TV, but people that you’ve genuinely taken the time to hang out with and understand?

    You’re going to ‘shut you (us) thugs down’? Really? I’m glad to know you’re intent. Well done. You’ve just generalised an entire 1.6 billion people. Unfortunately, the way you guys think is very much in line with Nazi Germany.
    But I shall proceed fearlessly, knowing that I have nothing to fear.

  13. You’ve raised some good points, others not so good.
    Regardless, its exam period and I’ve got exams to get through in the next couple of days. Hopefully you’ll hear from me later this week.

    Until then, don’t go around inciting hatred or anything. Not that you would of course.

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