Jihad in West Papua

‘Bloody Clashes With (Indo) Military Rock Papua Province’

In Majority-Christian and Melanesian West Papua, Jihad Continues Against the Indigenous Non-Muslims

And their sporadic attempts to defend themselves are crushed by bloody reprisals from their Indonesian Muslim overlords.

‘While Indonesian officials blame Papuan separatists (that is, local Melanesian Christians and animists who object to being ruled – and exploited – by ethnically-Malay majority-Muslim Indonesia – CM), local activists say the security forces themselves are responsible.  

“We didn’t burn people’s houses. It’s impossible. We’re soldiers, we don’t do that.”--Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Ali Hamdan Bogra

But Indo soldiers always ‘do that’. The last time they did it they didn’t leave a singe house standing in formerly Portuguese Timor.

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  1. Lying muslim bastards. These are the same scum that murdered an Australian journalist and said exactly the same . we didnt do this!!! wa wa!! WHEN CAN WE TAKE THE GLOVES OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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