Justice Department will not prosecute Holder over gun scandal

Watergate was an amateurish, botched burglary to spy on the socialist criminals that are destroying America. The Obama-Holder engineered ‘Fast and Furious’ gun-running fraud was intended to confiscate the weapons of legal gun-owners in the U.S. This is a scandal that killed hundreds of people. The Marxist ‘community organisers’ that occupy the white house have the blood of more than 200 people on their hands. (And then some)  But the leftarded media is totally in the bag for the failed hopenchange administration and refuse to report on it.  And if they do, they obfuscate and distort it.

No culture of corruption to see here, move on:

(Reuters) – The U.S. Justice Department said on Friday it would not prosecute Attorney General Eric Holder for refusing to turn over to Congress documents about a gun-running scandal to Mexico.

Fast & Furious Overseen by Anti-Gun Zealot Dennis Burke

What could be more treasonous than getting a Border Patrol agent killed by providing weapons to the vicious Mexican drug cartels that make a mockery of our semidefended border? One thing comes to mind: federal bureaurats committing this crime with the explicit intention of undermining the very Constitution they are sworn to uphold. Even as the Obama Regime resorts to executive privilege to hide behind its wall of “transparency,” the pieces are falling together fast and furious:

No wonder Obama is in full-fledged panic mode, now that the wheels are coming off the Hopey Changey crazy train. If Watergate was enough to drive a president out of office, this time we are in firing squad territory.  (Moonbattery)

Bill Whittle: Follow the Ideology

Neal Boortz said this video is one you don’t want to miss, and that he’s in complete agreement with Bill’s viewpoint.

On HotAir.com, Ed Morrissey writes, “Bill castigates the media outlets that have ignored Operation Fast and Furious, scolding them with the famous exhortation, ‘Have you no shame?'”

2 thoughts on “Justice Department will not prosecute Holder over gun scandal”

  1. Never going to happen. There is no rule of law in this country.
    I do not believe there will be any election in Nov. I believe comrade ovomit will declare martial law.

    Revolution II

  2. @sablegsd

    If what you say is true and martial law occurs-it only proves the fact that the Manchurian president and his masters truly do not understand the American people.

    The progeny of rebels and revolutionaries backed by two hundred years of a bill of rights and constitutional freedom deeply ingrained into their psyche….with guns.

    They will gamble and they will lose.

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