"Media Created the Muslim Monster Myth"

Forget the global jhad and the 19 062 Islamic terror attacks that cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions their life’s since 9/11.  Forget the 1400 years of jihad warfare and the mountains of skulls on the way to the  imaginary “Islamic Golden AGE.”   All you  need is a scribbler who knows who to blame: the media!

Jack Shaheen:

American images of Arabs and Muslims have remained remarkably consistent over the decades. Despite the diversity of Arab and Muslim experience, reel Arab women have appeared mostly mute and submissive — belly dancers, bundles in black and beasts of burden, argues Jack Shaheen. More mediaphobia at Middle East Onlinesee, all you need is a little bit of ink and a mind full of garbage and the media prints it. Too easy!

Islamofobbery coming to a natural end?

OIC Chief speaks out on major Muslim issues

What are your efforts to combat Islamophobia and extremism?

Islamophobia is surely one of serious concern for the Muslim Ummah, and the OIC has been seized with the issue since the day I took over the organization. Islamophobia came as a priority on the agenda of the 3rd Extraordinary OIC Summit held in Makkah in 2005, which mandated the General Secretariat to establish an observatory in the Ten-Year Program of Action to monitor the issue and take necessary steps to counter it. The observatory was created to monitor and sensitize the world about Islamophobic incidents and, at the same time, create an awareness campaign against Islamophobia.–More of the same at IINA

3 thoughts on “"Media Created the Muslim Monster Myth"”

  1. but…but…is not the Death Cult the Religion of Peace? uh, no. not a cult that had kiled 300 million non-Muslims since it began

    1. The fawning never stops, especially not in the US of A:

      “As far as editorial content is concerned, print media in the United States is very pro-Muslim”

      “Pro-Muslim,” i.e., defending special accommodations for Muslim practices in businesses and workplaces — accommodations that would never be granted to non-Muslims. “Pro-Muslim,” i.e., demonizing and marginalizing anyone who stands up and defends the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for all people before the law, against Islamic supremacism. “Pro-Muslim,” i.e., working assiduously to obscure any connection between Islam and Islamic jihad terrorism, even when the jihad terrorists themselves point to the Qur’an and Sunnah as their motivation and inspiration. “Pro-Muslim,” i.e., characterizing jihadis as “insurgents,” “militants,” or “youths,” or some other term, but never what they are. “Pro-Muslim,” i.e., casting Muslim violence against non-Muslims as “clashes” between two equally aggressive groups. And on and on and on.

      “American print media ‘very pro-Muslim,'” by Sidrah Roghay for The News International, June 17

  2. I am so tired of the kissing up to these head bangers. this is AMERICA. and GOD has BLESSED this country. but I think GOD is getting tired of this kissing up to. it is time for it to stop.

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