Mosaik of Diversity

Man of hollow hand salute:

Obama: ”My White House”

Right. And WTF is a  “Thingamajig?”

 New Economic Plan: Go Buy A “Thingamajig”

Gateway Pundit:

Obama Holds Chicago Fundraiser With Poop-Chucking Cop-Hating Commie

One of the fundraisers tonight is being  hosted by liberal radical and Obama pal Marilyn Katz. This woman is a close friend of terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.  She also is known for hurling nails and human feces at cops in the 1960s.  But now this radical is ponying up cash to get Obama reelected.

Pow Wow Chow

Warren: My Mother Was So Cherokee She Had to Elope

As Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and her Harvard partners in crime are learning, academic fraud is not as easy to get away with as it used to be in the good old days before the emergence of a vigilant alternative media.  Warren, Obama, and Harvard’s Culture of Corruption–Read more>>>


Typical face of an American Indian:

As if one phony Indian wasn’t enough:

This pig wants to get back on the  trough:

Ward Churchill’s lawsuit against the University of Colorado for firing him after his comments labeling victims of 9/11 “little Eichmanns” has now proceeded to the Colorado Supreme Court. Churchill says that his comments fall under First Amendment guidelines; essentially, he argues that he should be allowed to say whatever he wants as a state university employee. (Breitbart)

Poisoned Schoolgirls in Afghanistan

Hundreds of Afghan schoolchildren have been admitted to hospital in the past six weeks after falling victim to what appears to be six separate major poison attacks.

The Bunglawussi mob blames “warmongering blogs” and “mass hysteria”.  (Well, for once they didn’t blame da Jooozzz. But I won’t hold my breath….)

Is the Taliban poisoning Afghanistan’s schoolgirls?– Why would the people who bombed them before  not poison them?

Racist Ridley Riddled:

Rambling ‘revert’ Yvonne Ridley once wrapped a towel ’round her head and started calling everyone a ‘racist’ who dared to criticize her newfound religion. Now she gets some of that fake ‘racism’ flying back in her face: don’t you question the audacity of the Obaminator, you racist:   I Love When The Left Islamist Alliance Turn On Their Own…

“Absolute rights”

“Offensive sign’ taken down after  Muslims change mind of owner with ‘dialogue’

Let me guess: was it something like

“nice little restaurant you got here, what a shame if something happened to it….”