Muslim Brotherhood Speaker on CNN: Democracy Means Sharia, West Has Nothing to Fear, Except Islamophobes….

Trouble is that the CNN tart knows nothing about Islam or sharia, so he  talks down  to her like daddy talks to a child.

Students in Mali haven’t got the message yet:; and they don’t seem to be as exited as the MuBro’s who want to force sharia on everyone, ‘whether they like it or not’…..

Mali: Students flee Sharia in northern schools

“Sharia has to be applied whether the people like it or not, we will enforce it. We are not asking anybody’s opinion. We are not democrats. We are servants of Allah who demands Sharia,”  — Sanda Ould Boumama, Ansar Dine’s spokesman in Timbuktu, told IRIN.

The fleeing students must have fallen under the influence of greasy Islamophobes who somehow convinced them that Sharia was not as benign and compatible with Western notions of human rights as Imam Rauf would have us believe. “Mali: Students Flee Sharia in Northern Schools,” from, June 22 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Thanks to Mullah

Life Under Sharia, 8 Examples–Islamist Watch Blog  

1. Sudanese Woman Lashed (Video)
2. Saudi Woman Harassed in Mall By Sharia Police for Wearing Nail Polish (Video)
3. Woman Stoned to Death Along Pakistan-Afghanistan Frontier (Graphic Video)
4. Turkey Indicts World-Famous Pianist for Atheist Tweet
5. Kuwait Man Receives 10 Years In Prison for Anti-Mohammad Tweet
6. Homosexuals Executed in Iran (Graphic Photos)
7. Tunisian Demonstration Demands Death for Man Accused of Heresy (Video)
8. Tunisian Islamists Slaughter Convert to Christianity (Extremely Graphic Video)

Brutality and Injustice

Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum, defends the freedoms and liberties of Western society against “stealth jihad,” a campaign by Islamists to slowly and methodically implement a Sharia-compliant theocracy in the West. Sharia is Islamic law, based on the Koran and the teachings and personal actions of Mohammad (known as The Sunnah, noted and reported in Hadiths).

Below, very personal examples of life under Sharia in Islamist societies. The intolerance, the brutality, the inhumanity. The extreme lack of religious pluralism, women’s rights, free speech and equality under the law.

The disease spreads, rapidly:

Mustard howling in front of the white house:

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  1. I think the mb will do a fine job of outing itself in Egypt in front of the whole world.
    It may take a while (they are weasels after all) or it could start tomorrow.
    In either case i got the popcorn ready.

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