Muslim men "often complain about their … women who rebel against corporal punishment"

German Muslims get angry when their tilts don’t enjoy the religiously mandated beatings?

Once upon a time I used to care. Nowadays I think they should both enjoy it. And they certainly deserve it, hanging on to such an idiotic ideology (which they call religion)

In any case, what’s much more of a concern is “Germany’s Two Legal Systems'”- but that, as we all know, is not Germany’s problem alone, but every western nation that has allowed soldiers of allah to settle behind -what they perceive to be- enemy lines.

Muslim men “often complain about their … women who rebel against corporal punishment”

A typical problem in modern Muslim marriages: wife and daughters refuse to be beaten. For some reason Demir, a self-appointed Sharia lawyer, has not been charged for not reporting the violence to the police.

German Spiegel Online, June 20, 2012: “In the Name of Allah. Islamic Mediators and Germany’s ‘Two Legal Systems‘”:

Demir’s typical clients are husbands whose wives have left them and fathers of couples who are having problems. They often complain about their wives and daughters, namely Muslim women who rebel against corporal punishment or want to free themselves from the confines of marriage, even if they have children. …

Update from Halal Pork Shop:

Buy first wife something nice so you don’t have to ask for her permission to marry a second one:

Arnold Mengelkoch, the official in charge of immigrant affairs in Berlin’s Neukölln district, is familiar with the “informal Islamic family justice system” in his neighborhood. He estimates that 10 to 15 percent of Muslims in the religiously conservative community use the system to resolve their conflicts.

“There are two legal systems,” says Sabine Scholz, a family law attorney in the northern city of Flensburg, “a German one and an Islamic one, which puts women at a disadvantage.”

For some Muslim immigrants, Islamic law is more important than German law. Mathias Rohe, an Islamic law expert in the Bavarian city of Erlangen, encountered cases in his field studies “in which Muslim parties performed marriages or divorces, for example, exclusively in accordance with traditional Islamic norms.”

Some Muslims mistrust government organizations, says Rohe, who sees himself as an intermediary between the Islamic and German legal cultures. According to Rohe, some people are trying “to establish a religious parallel structure, because they do not want to submit to the institutions of a secular, non-Islamic state.”

As a result, imams and arbitrators in Berlin, the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein apply Sharia law on a daily basis, even though it is sometimes incompatible with the German constitution and German family law. In particular, Islamic law discriminates against women in the following ways:

  • They are not permitted to marry non-Muslims;
  • In an arbitration, family unity takes precedence over the woman’s right of self-determination, even in cases involving violence;
  • In a divorce, the man receives sole custody of the children;
  • Polygamy and marriages with minors are allowed; under German law, 16-year-old girls can only marry with the permission of a family court.

2 thoughts on “Muslim men "often complain about their … women who rebel against corporal punishment"”

  1. Any woman who has been married to a german, has a good idea of what it means to be married to a moe…both are retards in so many areas, space does not allow me to go into detail. Let’s just start with the fact that they have emotional iq’s much much lower than their shoe size. And then although german men don’t force women into wearing a physical burka or veil, they do expect you to wear an invisible burka.

    This of course, is for one reason that they shine 24/7 while you are supposed to shrink into the wall. Such is the egomanical outlook of both german men and moe monsters who also hate women. I understand that many turkish men settle in Germany. I would imagine that like is attracted to like, hence muslim men will relate easily to the immature sexuality of germans. Now I am not suggesting that either are gay, but you know when guys have a need to beat women, it’s fair to say, they obviously hate women…or else they would be REAL men and they would be loving them, not beating them.

    Of course, there is a subset of things going on with these turds and wierdos..things like the men being plain lazy and using women as scapegoats for their laziness or incompetence in many things from bringing home the bread to not knowing what to do in bed.

    I recall such a husband who told me that having a baby is easy for he used to watch cows on the farm birthing. Oh how lucky that moron was that I didn’t rip him a new stomach or kick out his cranium.
    These loser men often only feel strength when fusing a fist to the face.

    It surely doesn’t help when you have idiotic imams on youtube pushing vids like How to Properly Beat Your WIFE. If I were a muslim woman, I’d be putting out videos on how to de-ball your local imam who pushes violence on women. Or deconstruct a husband who thinks he has the power of god to lay you low. These neanderthal freaks should be put in their place..for some that would be six ft under!

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