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Allen West:

Black Caucus Has Judged Eric Holder By the Color of His Skin   –actually, that’s way too mild: they are partners in crime.  Its the “my people” thing….. (GWP)

Playing the Race Card to Obscure Murder »

by – June 29 2012 / Comments (26)

The contempt vote against Eric Holder succeeds — and the left is desperate to distract from its bloody scandal. …

“From ‘Hope’ to Hypocrisy: Executive Privilege and Transparency”

You almost have to admire Dems who can keep a straight face while suggesting that this clown should be reelected. Via The Right Scoopon a tip from Moonbattery.


Obama Justice Department Won’t Prosecute Eric Holderthe Obama in-Justice Department today announced it would shield Attorney General Eric Holder from prosecution. Yesterday, the US House voted to hold Holder in contempt of Congress.

Latest Twist…

Obama Camp Now Says Obamacare-tax Is Not a Tax… It’s a Penalty

So now it’s not a tax. Americans will be wondering for which crime they are being penalised.

Here in Australia there is swamping going on:

Smugglers in Tehran, Kabul, and Colombo will be calling their middlemen in Indonesia and giving them the go-ahead. The message will be that this is the time to swamp the system; the Government is in paralysis and Australia’s borders are effectively open. SWAMPIN’ TIME-Tim Blair

Is there a cheaper form of blackmail than offering to save a refugee’s eyesight provided that it is done in Israel?

Israel Derangement Syndrome – the seething hatred that twists everything any Israeli does to make it into an insidious, anti-Arab plot – seems to be an incurable disease, even among educated, presumably liberal Arabs.—Arab columnist calls Israeli offer to help Syrians “blackmail”

Negroes demand an end to Texas lottery

 Since many spend their whole welfare check on lottery tickets, no one should be allowed to buy lottery tickets.–If government dependency infantilizes blacks any further, they will forget how to use toilets. Then will come demands that we all be forced to wear diapers.  (Moonbattery)