Nonie Darwish: 95% of Muslims From Egypt Voted For the MuBro's

IN America that is, where the ‘moderates’ and the ‘integrated Muslims’ roam freely:

By Nonie Darwish/ Frontpage Magazine

While voters inside Egypt are almost equally split 50/50 between Sharia and no-Sharia, we find the votes of American Egyptian Muslims reflecting an unprecedented level of radicalization that surpasses most Muslim countries. This should be very troubling to Americans, especially to those who care about Homeland Security.

Over the last 3 or 4 decades, American Islamic groups and mosques have managed to radicalize a large number of Muslim Americans, especially those who attend mosques. While they publicly tell us they are “moderate” and that there is nothing to fear from Islamic law, they turn around in private and hold the banner of jihad and Sharia and command Muslim Americans not to assimilate in America.

America must register the fact that American Muslims are more radical than Muslims in many Muslim countries and that this radicalization must be exposed and its source stopped. (AINA)

Egypt on edge as it awaits election results

Sandmonkey tells Obma to “Back Off”

Mahmoud Salem, whom most of you know as the Sandmonkey, an Egyptian blogger, spoke with CNN’s usually unhinged Ali Velshi yesterday about the Egyptian Presidential election. Sandmonkey believes the Obama administration is backing the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Morsi.  From GW via Israel Matsav:

On Sunday the Egyptian government will announce the winner of the country’s presidential elections. Government sources leaked that Ahmed Shafik will be declared the winner.—The Jerusalem Post reported.

Caroline Glick:  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Useful Idiots

“THE INEVITABILITY of the Islamic takeover of Egypt means that the peace between Israel and Egypt is meaningless. Confrontation is coming. The only questions that remain are how long it will take and what form it will come in. If it happens slowly, it will be characterized by a gradual escalation of cross-border attacks from Sinai by Hamas and other jihadist groups. Hamas’s sudden eagerness to take responsibility for the mortar attacks against southern Israel as well as Monday morning’s murderous cross-border attack are signs of things to come.”

Meanwhile, in Egypt:

Sexual assaults in Tahrir Square keep getting worse

From Bikya Masr via the Elder of Ziyon:

The month of June has seen numerous reports of sexual violence in Egypt’s iconic square, highlighting that women’s rights and ending harassment continue to be on the outside looking in as political tension in the country amps up.

Last Friday was the worst day, with women, both foreigners and Egyptians, reporting that they had been sexually assaulted in the square take place following the disbanding of Parliament on Thursday evening.