Norway: "Method wrong but Breivik right"

Method wrong but Breivik right

Norwegian Far Right Says Breivik Correct to Fear Muslims

(Reuters) — Norwegian far-right leaders told the court trying Anders Behring Breivik on Tuesday the mass killer was right to fear his nation’s “planned annihilation” by Muslims, even if his method of combating it was wrong. (GOV)

One law for infidels, another for Muselmaniacs:

No jail for any of those throwing eggs and disrupting Lars Vilks lecture

MOSLEM VIOLENCE: None of the moslems who, screeching Allahu Akbar, threw eggs at the lecturer in february this year at a lecture held by artist Lars Vilks, will be held responsible for their crime. Despite the fact that the events are documented on film, police have managed to pick one single suspected individual only, and moreover only for having shouted and gesticulated at the artist. From AVPixlat thanks to Vlad

To prove Breivik’s sanity, they rolled out the crazies

Left wing loon Mark Lewis doesn’t think he is one of them. Writing for Mehdi Hassan at the New Statesman he just knows he’s right….

Fjordman will not testify in the Breivik trial

And why should he?

Extremists testify in Breivik trial

“Extremist” are those who oppose Islamization and sharia.