‘One Man, One vote, One Catastrophe’: from Zimbabwe to America


MUST READ — Rhodesian-born Hannes Wessels writes:

Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith pleaded with an unsympathetic world to understand his call for a qualified franchise based on merit and not race.

He told his multitude of detractors that universal suffrage was arecipe for disaster in a polity where the vast majority had only recently been discovered in a very primitive state before being suddenly exposed to Western Civilization with all its complexities and alien systems and values. He insisted it would be disastrous to rush the process. He asked for time to educate and inspire the populace to take their place in a sophisticated democracy, but he was universally damned.

Just as he feared, a flawed election followed in 1980 under the auspices of a Thatcher-led British government. Robert Mugabe and his criminal cabal, poorly disguised as Freedom Fighters, assumed power and a catastrophe began to unfold.

But just as in Rhodesia, that minority dares not voice its displeasure at this development for fear of being condemned to the special dungeons reserved for those committing the cardinal sin of“racism.”

And they can be sure of this punishment because of the mainstream media, which so cunningly manipulates the minds of the millions of simpletons who have the vote and therefore the power to elect those who will serve their destructive purpose.

Ian Smith, the last White Prime Minister of Rhodesia sadly died on November 20th 2007. Ian Smith led the fight to keep Rhodesia’s Whites safe and to head off the savagery that is now endemic in the new ‘Zimbabwe’ under the mad Black lunatic Mugabe. Smith saw this coming.

White Rhodesians took up arms to preserve their way of life but in the end betrayed by Britain their motherland and they were handed over to the UN who helped destroy a beautiful White run country and change it into an AIDS ridden cess pit.

Vastly outnumbered, Rhodesia’s security forces held at bay tens of thousands of communist-trained, armed insurgents who poured into the country from neighbouring black African states. Rhodesia’s war took a long time to arrive.But, arrive it did and after only eight short years, its swift savagery accounted for an estimated 40,000 lives. History revisionists have ensured that Rhodesia’s fight against communist terrorism has been labelled an “anti-colonialist struggle” with strident apartheid overtones. In retrospect, even Black Zimbabweans look back with nostalgia and remember the happy and peaceful days of White rule. Ian Smith stood as firm as he could until overwhelmed by Internationalism.