One third of the world's refugee population is "Palestinian?" – My Ass!

“Nakba” BS:

 “On this day, in 1948, thousands of Palestinians lost their homes, families … their life, to become refugees.”

Really? There was a mass expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs on May 15, 1948?

Change the definition to the standard definition of “refugee” used by the UN in every other case, and suddenly the number of Palestine refugees dwindles to perhaps 2% of the five million they claim are refugees.

3 thoughts on “One third of the world's refugee population is "Palestinian?" – My Ass!”

  1. The only reason they can claim this exaggerated number is because they reproduce like cockroaches everywhere they go. I am immune to their victim status claims and their manipulation of the West by appealing to their humanity, while they do not reciprocate in kind.

  2. Actually, there was no expulsion – they left voluntarily after having being told by arab countries that Israel would be destroyed and that they could return. Amazng how quickly the arabs can forget the inconvenient parts of history.

  3. I read revisionist Benny Morris’s book and the only thing I could find where Arabs were forcefully removed was about 1800 around lydda. The palestinians are a myth. Their cause is a myth and they deflect attention from true national liberation struggles like the Basques Bretons Sahrawis etc.

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