"Reform Koran" discovered! Millions of Muslims riot worldwide to get a copy!

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Who would have thought that the worlds 1.5 gazillion muselmaniacs have been waiting all their life’s for a NY female by the name of Brooke Goldstein to ‘reform’ the ‘immutable Koran’ for them?  Its all happening, order your copy now!

… smash it (Islam) into pieces and pulverise it! Reforming impossible!” Ali Sina   (ex-Muslim)

No to Freedom! No to Democracy!

The sign, held by a Salafi fundamentalist in Tunisia, reads  “No to Democracy.”  Only in the Islamic world would you find people who actually protest their own political freedom. (ROP)

LGBT ‘Backlash’ in Malaysia

A counterterrorism effort you can trust:

  • Saudi Arabia to Lead UN Counter Terrorism Initiative  —Read more: 
Another day, another mosque:

A French appeals court granted permission Tuesday for the building of a mega-mosque in the southern city of Marseille that has been touted as a symbol of Islam’s growing place in France.–Story at Expatica

Retard of the Month

“I grew up under American apartheid and this was far worse.”— (I don’t think she ever grew up…..)   Read More »

3 thoughts on “"Reform Koran" discovered! Millions of Muslims riot worldwide to get a copy!”

  1. I go with Ali Sina on this one. islam cannot be reformed, and muslims have to develop sufficiently to throw islam away if a major (and terminal) conflict for muslims is to be avoided. Difficult to see happening. At the present
    we need to concentrate on removing the enablers – ie fools like Hollande who is now indirectly responsible for the murder of two French women, three French children, and three members of the French armed services, from positions of political power.

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