2 thoughts on “Sharia Downunder, Sally Neighbour”

  1. Just heard her interviewed: she sounds like a candidate – and I would not be surprised to see her in an ugly muslim sack-cloth pretty soon.

    Psssst – girls dont even think about – read Hirsi Ali and other victims of Islam, and dont believe the fiction that arab males are well hung.

  2. It is when Islam is fully (or nearly) in control of a country when the full horrors of this system is realised – just look around the world and see what is happening to Christians under this ‘religion of peace’! (Not to mention Buddhists and other groups who suffer under Islam). You can tell me till you are red in the face what a wonderful, peaceful religion it is (and mostly in the west it is due to restrictions by governments) but when it is in power, woe!

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