Diversity: Soldiers of allah take their seats in French parliament

Hollande’s “Niggas” are moving up in the world.

Mohammedans Make Breakthrough into French Parliament

 Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

With more women and members of foreign descent than any previous National Assembly, France’s newly-elected parliament has moved a step closer to mirroring French society, even as ethnic-minority groups demand more diversity in politics.    By FRANCE 24 (text)




He thought he was Muhammad:

One thought on “Diversity: Soldiers of allah take their seats in French parliament”

  1. Each nation is an ongoing experiment, and its people are the elements of that experiment. By any measure, Somalis have shown themselves to be totally unable to create and sustain their own nation. So how will they sustain and support an Infidel nation.

    Even by East African standards, Somalis are “different”.
    Somali society is essentially a clan based nomadic society, with highway robbery playing a pivotal role in Somali economy – if one can call it that. Most travellers to that part of the world have written of the contempt and hostility of other East Africans, such as Kenyans and Ethiopians, for Somalis, who they regarded as savages.

    Good luck Norway. You will need it.

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