Sharia4Belgium, Vlaams Belang, Burqa Ban Enforcement & the 'Treasures of Timbuktu'

“Sharia4Belgium” spokesman detained


Spokesman for the Sharia4Belgium radical Islamic organization Faud Belkacem has been arrested in Antwerp, according to Belgium mass media.  Story at The Voice of Russia

Vlaams Belang Offers Reward For Burqa Ban Enforcement

Because the police is too timid to do the job without being pressurized:

“Do it elsewhere”- sea “reformed” jihadist in Indonesian court  (ROP)

“If you want to do jihad, do it in another country ….”

‘Just don’t do it here….’

(it works for the Saudis, why shouldn’t he get  away with it…?)

“I want to advise all Muslim activists not to commit acts of terrorism in Indonesia,” Umar said on Thursday at the West Jakarta court. “I know a lot about jihad based on my own experience. As [publicly] known, I never agreed to the Bali bombing from the beginning [of the plan] until now.”

“Priceless Artifacts?” In Timbuktu?

If they got nothing worth saving apart from tombs of mud  and “Islamic manuscripts”  we shouldn’t shed any tears:

Concern for the cultural heritage of Mali is growing after militant Islamic fundamentalists desecrated a 15th-century tomb of a Muslim saint in Timbuktu in May, and threatened to destroy other tombs as well as anything else they perceive as being idolatrous or contrary to their version of Islam.

“Islamists do not like some views articulated in these manuscripts by some old African thinkers who believed in moderate Islam and called for co-operation with the rest of the world, particularly the West,” says Habib Sy, a west African scholar who is working with the Ford Foundation to document Timbuktu’s manuscripts. 

Any idea why the Ford Foundation has an interest in Timbuktu’s manuscripts?

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